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The 3 WFH Styles — and How Each One Should Set Up Their Workspace

published Nov 6, 2023
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At this point, you’ve probably carved out the space to comfortably work from home. Maybe it’s a corner of the couch, a seat at the kitchen table, or a dedicated office (with a door and everything!). But if the spot where you send emails and join meetings doesn’t jibe with the way you work, then your WFH setup can only work so well.

Think about it: We put so much effort into choosing the mattress where we spend eight hours a night, but not the devices we use for eight hours a day! Luckily, Logitech® has put in that effort for you. Their expertly designed suites of keyboards, mice, and other desktop accessories elevate your workspace, support your body, and boost your productivity. And there’s a little something for every type of worker. Which one are you?

For the Eternal Optimizer

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When you’re in the zone, nothing can stop you. You can go from first idea to final draft before lunch, and you’re so organized that even your systems have systems. So for you, one of the perks of working from home is being able to choose tech accessories that can keep up. Far from standard-issue cubicle gadgets, the Logitech Master series is designed with extra-durable materials, cutting-edge technology, and precision capabilities. Whether you’re zipping between operating systems or juggling projects across multiple devices, they’ll be as on top of your tasks as you are.

For the Design Maven

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In the eternal question of form or function, you want both. And why not! You understand that life is one big opportunity for self-expression. Your home, your clothes, and your desktop are all places to leave your mark — loudly. Logitech’s design-forward tech accessories have the color and personality you crave, while also delivering on performance. From minimalist designs to maximalist color palettes, they’ll cheer up the most mundane tasks and help you channel your artistry for those passion projects. Because your most creative work deserves tools that also think outside the box.

For the Wellness Guru

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From standing desks to step counts, you think carefully about how your routines affect your body. You know that every little decision contributes to a healthier day and better work. An extra glass of water, a few minutes of deep breathing, a keyboard designed for more comfortable typing — they all help you feel more relaxed and centered, however busy the day may get. Logitech’s Ergo Series has your back (and neck, and wrists) with ergonomic desktop accessories that promote more natural posture and reduce muscle strain. With innovative designs and intuitive touches, they make all those daily repetitive tasks easier on your body — so you can focus on the fun stuff.