3 Design Bloggers on Their Favorite New Home Fragrance

published Mar 26, 2019
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(Image Credit: Lolly Jane)

Whenever we talk about creating a sense of space, it seems like we’re always talking about its look. Yet, your home’s scent is such an important part of its DNA. (Perhaps the most important part! Smells go straight to the same part of the brain that processes memory, which is why certain scents can immediately conjure up specific places.) Getting the right fragrance is like finding that one outfit-making accessory, putting you—and your space—in the mood to be creative, get cozy, throw a party, and so much more.

Right now, we can’t stop spritzing Glade® Essentials Room Mist Mandarin and Mimosa: The floral-based scent is sparkling and subtle and, in our opinion, smells exactly like the aroma of Anthropologie’s signature scent. And we’re not the only ones—these three lifestyle mavens are also big fans.

Ashley Mayes

(Image Credit: Ashley Mayes)

We always feel homey browsing Bigger Than the Three of Us. Maybe it’s Ashley Mayes’s eclectic mid-century style or her obsession with vintage rugs. Either way, it’s no surprise the crisp, elegant notes of Mandarin and Mimosa complement her look so well.

Bre Bertolini

(Image Credit: Bre Bertolini)

It just takes a quick scroll through @BrePurposed‘s Instagram feed to see that Ohio-based designer and blogger Bre Bertolini is all about fresh greenery and modern style. A floral scent like Mandarin and Mimosa fits right in.

Kristi + Kelli

(Image Credit: Lolly Jane)

Twins Kristi and Kelli—the color-loving sisters behind @lollyjaneblog—have a playful, whimsical aesthetic. No wonder they’re into the effervescent effect of Mandarin and Mimosa.

Glade® Essentials Room Mist is crafted and layered for an authentic fragrance experience. Each of the five scents is infused with essential oils. The stylish bottles offer continuous spray and a delicate mist that leaves only a finishing touch of fragrance, no heavy residue.