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A Gorgeous Bed Frame from Kohl’s Makes This Spare Room Feel Like a Boutique Hotel Suite

published Mar 21, 2024
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Credit: Molly McGuigan

When Molly and her husband bought their first home — a charming brick bungalow in Chicago — they were excited to infuse it with their warm, eclectic style. And now that they had a guest room, they were also excited to start hosting out-of-town friends and family.

“A few of my closest friends live in other cities, so I’m looking forward to them coming to visit us in our new house and having a spot to make their own during their stay,” Molly says.

She found everything she needed for that home-away-from-home feeling at Kohl’s: from the bed itself to all the decor items and accessories that turn a room into a vibe. With affordable prices and high-quality designs, Kohl’s has an assortment of home furnishings to elevate your space, whether you’re planning a big change or small tweaks.

Credit: Photo: Sarah Crowley; Props: Amanda Wolfson

Of course, the most important part of a guest room is a bed that encourages sweet dreams. This mid-century modern design in neutral ivory sets a serene tone, with nature-inspired bedding that’s calm and inviting. Supportive pillows make for a good night’s rest, and a lightweight cotton blanket is a must for midday naps and chilly evenings. A smooth low-pile area rug in a subtle pattern feels nice underfoot.

A well-appointed nightstand is what sets a great guest room apart. Molly continued the serene color palette here, with a ceramic bedside lamp in soothing shades of sage and a complementary glass vase of faux tulips for spring blooms year-round. A unique coral-shaped accent and subtle floral wall art are two other easy ways to bring the outside in.

With a mix of soft textures around the room, Molly’s guest space feels extra warm. That includes snuggly faux-fur dog beds for her own two rescue pups or friends’ dogs, plus an upholstered ottoman for seating and storage. And there’s no such thing as too many throw pillows, which are simple ways to add vibrancy and texture.

Now, Molly’s guest room is ready to give a restful stay to visitors — and, until then, to her pups. “My dogs are obsessed with their beds and love sharing the big bed, which is adorable,” she says. “And the yellow throw pillows are a cute shape and great pop of color.”