Heat Up the Party (Without Overheating the House)

published Dec 16, 2016
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(Image credit: Kate Arends/Wit & Delight)

Everyone wants to throw the hottest holiday party — just not literally. But between the oven crammed with deliciousness, the party guests filling your living room, and the heat cranked up against the snow outside, things can get toasty this time of year. Never fear: Whether you’re serving a feast for 12 or ringing in the New Year with 30 of your nearest and dearest, we’ve got one simple trick for keeping your house the perfect temp.

When it’s freezing outside, a party that’s too cozy can have folks shvitzing through their ugly Christmas sweaters — not exactly a festive look. Luckily, the home temperature experts at Honeywell let us in on their helpful rule of thumb for keeping a room that’s packed with pals at the perfect temp: For every 10 people in your home, turn the thermostat down two degrees.

(Image credit: Kate Arends/Wit & Delight)

Honeywell’s latest smart thermostat, the Lyric™ T5 Wi-Fi Thermostat, helps you keep your holiday entertaining cool with customizable settings that fit your space. And it’s easy to adjust the Lyric even if your hands are full with hosting duties since it’s responsive to voice commands through your Amazon or iOS devices. (If only “Alexa, can you make small talk with my weird neighbor?” were a legit command.)

In fact, the Lyric is the perfect home companion for the holiday season: Its energy-saving geofencing features use your smartphones’ locations to adapt to your arrivals and departures, warming when you need it and conserving energy when you don’t. Plus its smart alerts keep you notified about things like extreme temperatures and humidity, so you can keep tabs on your space’s comfort levels anytime, whether you’re traveling or just caught up in your fantastic fete.

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