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Here’s a Practical, Affordable Way to Incorporate the Fresh New Trend in Neutrals — And Upgrade Your Hydration Routine

published Apr 14, 2023
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Credit: LifeStraw
The new LifeStraw Home collection comes in cheery pastels that lift up a neutral color scheme.

If there’s a word that’s dominating our decor these days, it’s calm. With all the tumult of the past few years, you don’t need to be a minimalist to appreciate a more serene aesthetic, from softer lighting to more sumptuous fabrics. These design elements are like little sighs, making your space more comforting no matter what’s going on outside. Pastels complement this mood perfectly — and while these cheery shades are perennially popular, they’re getting a fresh interpretation right now.

Contemporary pastels are earthier and more muted than what you might be imagining: less Easter, more O’Keeffe. The toned-down style of contemporary pastels makes them great neutrals that add more visual interest than your classic white or beige. The new LifeStraw Home collection captures this serenely stylish spirit, with a palette of pastel neutrals that make these the prettiest water filter pitchers we’ve ever seen.

We’re already big fans of LifeStraw Home: The TikTok-famous brand is known for its advanced filtration systems, which protect against more than 30 contaminants, including microplastics, bacteria, and forever chemicals. And these pitchers live up to the hype, producing some of the safest water you’ll ever drink — all in a modern, Scandinavian-inspired design.

Credit: LifeStraw
"Seafoam (a fresh light blue-green) is stylish enough to claim permanent counter status."

This is especially great news for someone like me, who prefers room-temperature water and always wished filter pitchers were cuter. My LifeStraw in Seafoam (a fresh light blue-green) is stylish enough to claim permanent counter status, adding a pop of pale color that complements my kitchen. A second one would be pretty and practical on my desk. And how lovely would it be as a bedside accent in a guest room?

In addition to Seafoam, try the new Wisteria (a lovely lavender) or Pebble (a soft gray that suits even the most minimalist aesthetic). The LifeStraw Home water filter pitcher is available in either BPA-free plastic or hand-blown borosilicate glass and comes in 7- and 10-cup capacities, so it’s big enough and cute enough for your next dinner party.

Credit: LifeStraw
Pebble is a toned-down style of contemporary pastels that makes them a great neutral.

Whichever size, material, or color you pick, you’re choosing a sustainable design that goes deeper than looks. For every product sold, a child in need receives a year of safe water through LifeStraw, which is a certified B Corp. Creating a calmer home is all about bringing in the details that make you feel good, from the decor you surround yourself with to the food you eat and the water you drink. Self-care has never looked this good.