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Holiday Diaries: How a New Mom Is Making New Memories This Holiday Season

published Nov 1, 2019
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Credit: Garnet Hill

The holidays are about the inside jokes, traditions, and family celebrations that make this time of year so special. Think about seasonal decorating as setting the scene to make those memorable moments happen. That’s exactly what Leandra, an Apartment Therapy staffer, is thinking about during her daughter’s first holiday season.

Leandra, her husband, and baby Eden also just moved into their first family home, so she was especially excited to create the first of many festive, cozy atmospheres to come. With the elevated-but-easygoing style of Garnet Hill’s holiday collection, she created a holiday look that could grow and evolve with her family and all the memories they’ll create. We dived into her mood board for holiday inspo.

“I plan to have these beautiful, subtle stockings embroidered with my daughter’s name. It’s a keepsake I hope she’ll have for many holidays to come.”

“We just moved to an apartment building with a lot of families, and I love the idea of putting this wreath on our door so they can enjoy a touch of welcoming holiday spirit just by passing our place. Plus, it’s not so ‘in your face’ holiday that I can keep it up from October through January!”

“I had one of these calendars when I was a kid, and it was one of my favorite parts of the Christmas season. I’m excited to share this tradition with my daughter!”

“I’m a sucker for a fun pillow, and this one is a perfect combo of festive and fun.”

“I love this cozy pillow and how it can instantly bring ‘holiday’ without too much fuss and decorating. I love the whole collection—there’s also one with trees, one with a cross-country skier, and one that says “Let It Snow.” I’m all about quick and easy this year!”

“These birds are too cute—my daughter will just love them. It will be fun to make them a special thing we bring out every year just for the holidays.”

“I’m crazy about this rustic bedding! It’s so cozy, I look forward to curling up on it with my daughter at bedtime and introducing her to my favorite holiday books, like The Night Before Christmas.”

“A lot of my childhood ornaments are kind of fragile, and my daughter is at the age where she wants to get into everything. These felt ornaments are the perfect answer: They’re cute, festive, and won’t break. Win-win-win.”

Garnet Hill’s holiday collection brings the brand’s relaxed, timeless vibe to the season with decor that’s festive but never fussy. How will you set the scene for your family’s memorable moments?