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Holiday Diaries: How a Newly Engaged Couple Is Making Memorable Moments During the Holidays

published Nov 8, 2019
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Credit: Garnet Hill

During the holidays, it’s easy to get caught up in gift-buying and party-throwing. But ultimately, the holidays are a time to make memorable moments with the people you love. That’s especially true this year for Apartment Therapy staffer Daniela and her longtime boyfriend, who recently got engaged.

Daniela and her fiancé live together in New York, far away from their families in Colombia and Venezuela. So she wants to make sure their home feels extra special for their first holiday as an engaged couple. She’s using Garnet Hill’s holiday decor to start building an elevated, easygoing collection of seasonal items that can work in their home for years to come—starting with this one, the most memorable year of their lives together.

“Come on, how funny are these? They’re like little Christmas garden gnomes, but for your living room.”

“I’m all about decorations that are easy to put out but still look really nice. These knit trees are exactly that—very low-effort, but still extremely cute and festive.”

“I’ve never seen a tree skirt with so much personality. It’s so cute, I almost don’t want to cover it up with gifts under the tree!”

“These will add nice pops of color alongside our more traditional ornaments. I love that the gingerbread man ornament matches the one on the tree skirt.”

“I was hoping to find something special to commemorate our first holiday as an engaged couple, and these stockings are perfect. Every time we hang them in the years to come, I’ll think about the memorable moments we’ll have this first year. I call dibs on the holly, and my fiancé will like the polar bear. There’s even a dog stocking for our French bulldog, Milo!”

“I’ve always loved the idea of an advent calendar, but I’ve never had one that you can reuse again and again every year—until now. I love how playful but classic this one is, and the fact that it will be a part of our married life from the beginning.”

Garnet Hill’s holiday collection makes for seasonal decor that’s festive but still relaxed and timeless. What memorable moments will you enjoy in your holiday home?