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The Home Fragrance You Should Buy, According to Your Zodiac Sign

published Jan 30, 2020
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If you’re anything like us, your winter social calendar is packed with dinners, happy hours, and late-night dance parties. (Just kidding. Obviously, we’ll be at home under blankets until April.) Lean into nesting season by pampering your space and your senses with scents luxurious enough to make you forget tonight’s 7-degree wind chill.

The Rituals Private Collection is crafted with fragrant ingredients like clary sage, patchouli, and vetiver to create scent accessories and body products that make your home feel — and smell — like the special destination it is.

The Rituals Private Collection is made to make you feel good, whether that means the spicy depth of the Rich range, the bright bouquets of the Floral range, or the natural crispness of the Fresh range. Which product is the perfect companion to your night in? We found just the thing, based on your zodiac sign.

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Always energetic, even when you’re hanging out at home, you’ll enjoy the stimulating, herbaceous note of the Savage Garden Fragrance Sticks, crafted with clary sage and crisp lemon.

Buy: Savage Garden Fragrance Sticks, $55

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Bulls are especially in touch with all things sensory, so your home is probably already a shrine to cozy sights and smells. Add to your collection with the heady Black Oudh Fragrance Sticks, a spicy blend of patchouli and musky black oudh.

Buy: Black Oudh Fragrance Sticks, $55

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Split between two choices? We get it, Gem. The Orris Mimosa Scented Candle gives you a little bit of everything: violet and orris for a floral boost, plus leathery undertones for grounding (ideal for your airy nature).

Buy: Orris Mimosa Scented Candle, $35

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The Crab is the ultimate nester, and we bet your home is in peak chic hibernation mode right now. You’ll love the Precious Amber Fragrance Sticks both for their cocktail of inviting scents — including juniper, ylang ylang, and amber — and for the beautiful glass bottle they come in.

Buy: Precious Amber Fragrance Sticks, $55

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Never wallflowers, Leos love a strong impression — not to mention the finer things. Meet Precious Amber Hand Wash and Kitchen Hand Balm. Not only is the vanilla-amber aroma as enthralling as you are, but you’ll also love the chance to treat yourself every time you wash your hands.

Buy: Precious Amber Hand Wash, $13; Precious Amber Kitchen Hand Balm, $13

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No one tackles a to-do list like you, which is all the more reason to take a beat and reward yourself. It’ll be easier to give into pampering with the XL Savage Garden Scented Candle: The aroma of herbaceous clary sage is soothing, while notes of vetiver and zesty lemon energize you as you plan your next big project.

Buy: XL Savage Garden Scented Candle, $62

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At home, as in all things, Libras strive for balance. You’ll attain it with Imperial Rose Parfum d’Interieur. A natural combination of sweet-smelling rose and earthy green tea, it’s the ideal aroma for the peaceful setting you crave.

Buy: Imperial Rose Parfum d’Interieur, $37

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Your claws don’t fool us: Scorpios bring passion and intensity to everything they do, including making their space feel like home. Black Oudh Parfum d’Interieur matches your energy with deep notes of patchouli, spices, and black oudh. Plus, you’ll enjoy leaving a sensual spritz in every room.

Buy: Black Oudh Parfum d’Interieur, $37

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You cheerful Sags love your freedom almost as much as you hate routine, but you can still make a night-in feel festive. Green Cardamom Mini Fragrance Sticks mingle spicy notes with the effervescence of sparkling mandarin, creating a scent that’s bursting with positive vibes — just like you.

Buy: Green Cardamom Mini Fragrance Sticks, $24

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Oh, resourceful Caps, what would we do without you? You love beauty as much as anyone, but your strong practical nature often carries the day. Savage Garden Hand Wash and Kitchen Hand Balm will spark your sensual side with notes of clary sage and sparkling mandarin while still placating the part of you that prioritizes function.

Buy: Savage Garden Hand Wash, $13; Savage Garden Kitchen Hand Balm, $13

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Free-thinking Aquarians crave something a little unusual. Wild Fig Mini Fragrance Sticks fit the bill, with a creative combination of wild fig, unique Chinese orris, fresh and spicy clove accord, and hints of cocoa and sandalwood.

Buy: Wild Fig Mini Fragrance Sticks, $24

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Sensitive Pisces love a night in to get lost in their daydreams. Set the scene by lighting a Sweet Jasmine Scented Candle, then watch the flame flicker as you’re carried away by floral notes of peony, lily of the valley, and sandalwood.

Buy: Sweet Jasmine Scented Candle, $35