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How to Set Up a Home Workspace that Works

published Aug 29, 2019
Credit: Rikki Snyder

Just because we can work from anywhere these days doesn’t mean we should: Whether you’re a student juggling a full course load or a freelancer juggling the gig economy, a dedicated home workspace is key for productivity. (No, your sofa does not count.) A good office area cues your brain to get down to business and inspires you to make the most of the task at hand—and keeps your work stuff from creeping into your life stuff. Here are some tips for creating a workspace that works as hard as you do.

Credit: Rikki Snyder

Sit, Work, Repeat

Priority #1 is setting up a place to, you know, work. Unless you’re an old-timey banker, you can skip the ornate executive desk and opt for something slim and streamlined. Just make sure it has enough space for your computer and a few necessities like pens and notebooks.

Stay Organized

A clean workspace and a clean mind go hand in hand. High & Mighty offers stylish hanging solutions that can help with both, and they barely leave a trace—perfect for dorms and rentals. Mount a double hook to keep bags and backpacks off the floor, and hang calendars, whiteboards, and other helpful items with their versatile picture-hanging kits. They all install without tools: Just place, push, and hang.

Credit: Rikki Snyder

Don’t Forget Lighting

The right lighting increases mood and productivity—but the wrong lighting zaps them. Orient your work station with the room’s natural light in mind, and add a task light for focused illumination and decreased eye strain.

Credit: Rikki Snyder

Add Inspiration

It’s not all about extension cords and filing systems: Bring your workspace to life with art, plants, and other decorative touches that speak to your creative side. The High & Mighty 36″ floating shelf uses innovative technology to install without tools and hold up to 25 pounds of your aesthetic touches—all while looking as stylish as shelves at way higher price points. Because a little beauty makes even the dullest task better.

Shop the Look

Installing a workspace is quick and easy when you use High & Mighty products. And you only need two tools to hang it on drywall: your thumbs. Everything else you need—including templates and tool-free hardware—is included in the package. Find everything we used in our home office right here: