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4 Things Every Apartment Needs to Host a Perfect Night In with Friends

published Jan 28, 2020
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Credit: Photographer: Sarah Crowley Prop Stylist: Amanda Wolfson

We design our homes to be peaceful havens where we can relax and unwind. And lately, we’ve been making a more conscious effort to unplug from our devices, step back from our screens, and spend time offline. But if we’re being honest, even when we’re offline, we’re still pretty connected. When we set down our phones, we turn on Netflix; when we cook dinner, we ask Alexa to recite the next recipe step.

While our vision of a perfect night in feels low-fi, it’s still very device-driven and dependent on having an internet connection. And that’s okay! Your phone and your computer aren’t the only devices connected to your wireless network anymore; you’re also using tablets, streaming services, smart speakers, and gaming consoles, to name a few. And when everybody under one roof is sharing that same internet connection for all of their devices, it seems like there’s barely enough bandwidth to go around.

Our home connection needs are changing, and internet providers are finding new ways to keep you connected. That’s why Verizon 5G Home Internet — a.k.a. ultra-fast internet that can support your connected devices at once with virtually no lag time — is so game-changing. When everybody is using it under one roof, they can stream, download, and upload in a snap, no matter how much speed they need. We stopped by the Verizon 5G Home apartment in Chicago to learn all the ways 5G Ultra Wideband technology can make your home more social. Let this cozy space inspire you to bring the party in, unplug, and connect with friends.

Credit: Photographer: Sarah Crowley Prop Stylist: Amanda Wolfson
The Verizon 5G Home receiver.

1. Take Your Internet Connection from Good to Great

When we go to a friend’s house, it’s the first question we ask: What’s your Wi-Fi password? Hanging out with friends often involves a lot of technology, so sharing your password with your guests is a must. But when too many people are on Wi-Fi, the connection can slow wayyy down. Thankfully, that’s not a problem with 5G Home. The internet is so fast, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. You can simultaneously scroll through Instagram, show somebody a tweet that made you LOL, and ask Alexa to put on your favorite playlist — plus more time to enjoy the hard work you put into designing your home. The 5G Home receiver is easy to install yourself, so you can be up and streaming on your own time.

Credit: Photographer: Sarah Crowley Prop Stylist: Amanda Wolfson

2. Create a Cozy Entertainment Setup for Movie Nights

There’s a reason the mantra “Netflix and chill” endures. The way we consume content may have changed, but there’s still nothing better than a good old fashioned movie night. 5G Home will completely change the way you stream, download, and watch movies, videos, and TV shows. Don’t forget the cozy blankets, fun throw pillows, and popcorn.

Credit: Photographer: Sarah Crowley Prop Stylist: Amanda Wolfson

3. Break the Ice with Fun and Games

One of the biggest pressures of entertaining is making sure your guests are having a good time. It’s especially stressful if they don’t all know each other. A quick way to break the ice and facilitate friendship is to play a game. Whether it’s with a deck of cards or on a console, games can help your guests make introductions and start conversations. In addition to blazing-fast speeds, 5G Home also has low latency — in other words, it has virtually no lag time — which can be the difference between winning and losing.

Credit: Photographer: Sarah Crowley Prop Stylist: Amanda Wolfson

4. Ask Alexa to Help You Form a Plan

Of course, the perfect night in with friends doesn’t just happen on its own; you need to plan ahead. Make light work of it by leaning on your connected devices. The Alexa assistant in the 5G Home router can help you remember your grocery list, keep track of which guests have RSVPed, and remind you of your checklist so that you can focus on what matters: having a great night in with your guests.

Verizon 5G Home Internet is only available in parts of select cities.