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3 Lessons to Learn from a Graphic Designer’s Smart and Stylish Home Office

updated May 27, 2021
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Credit: Daniel Contaldo

As a freelance graphic designer, Julia needs space to create. She also needs storage for her many notebooks and art supplies, a system to keep all her various projects on track, and plenty of colorful inspiration. That’s a tall order for a cozy New York apartment, where she lives with her husband and cat.

While most of the world struggled to figure out the WFH lifestyle last year, Julia already knew the drill. Prior to the pandemic, she was already working remotely, regularly frequenting coffee shops and coworking spaces. The transition to living and working most of her life in one room took some thinking, and she was inspired to carve out room for a dedicated workspace.

With some creative thinking and clever design, Julia turned an unused corner of her living room into a full-service, fully delightful WFH station. With Staples Connect™, she found the furniture, products, and guidance to create a functional space that delivers on everything she needed. Want to recreate Julia’s setup? Head to your local Staples store to shop her WFH setup, plus discover more products, services, and inspiration for working and learning.

Embrace Helpful Tech

In her small space, Julia opted for multitasking smart technology that helps her work smarter, too. When she’s juggling multiple clients and projects, she uses the MindReader productivity cube to focus, stay on task, and slay that to-do list. Her Rumi LED desk lamp is also a clock, alarm, and wireless charging station for smartphones, smartwatches, and wireless headphones. With its compact profile, cheerful color, and multifunctional appeal, adding it to her setup was a no-brainer.

Credit: Daniel Contaldo

Choose Beauty and Functionality

Because Julia’s workspace isn’t separate from her living space, it’s extra important that it be stylish. Her coordinating ladder desk and ladder shelf deliver in spades, with an elegant design that also happens to pack major storage muscle. The slim profile and natural wood tones fit into the living room without overwhelming it, and there’s plenty of room for her files, supplies, and some just-because decor.

Credit: Daniel Contaldo

Put Yourself First

Julia can put in long hours, so comfort is key. (Marnie the cat agrees.) Her MidMod manager chair by Union & Scale is up to the task with lots of cushioning, ergonomic adjustability, and a stylish design. By setting up her workstation near the window, Julia also gets to bask in natural light throughout the day, which is a total mood booster.

Credit: Daniel Contaldo

In a WFH setup tailored to her style and needs, Julia’s creativity is thriving. “Having a dedicated office has made a huge difference, from a chair comfortable enough for the long hours to storage that helps me to keep everything straight and still feels pretty,” she says. “It really feels like my space.”