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How I’m Making My Home More Sustainable — and More Stylish

published May 12, 2021
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Credit: Jeff Davis

Savannah West’s home is that magical combo of warm, welcoming, and effortlessly stylish. And while Savannah is no stranger to sustainable living — shopping with reusable bags and diligently recycling — she wanted to elevate her home’s aesthetic with more of her eco-friendly spirit. Luckily, sustainable style is far from a sacrifice.

As an AT home editor, Savannah has an eye for things that will make her space distinct. After doing some digging with Savannah, we found plenty of eco-chic style upgrades, our first being the LifeStraw Home water filter pitcher.

Credit: Jeff Davis

Its sleek, Scandinavian-inspired design can go both casual and classy, and the two (count ’em) advanced filtration systems protect against more than 30 nasties, including microplastics, bacteria, and lead. Savannah also appreciates the LifeStraw pitcher as an elegant and convenient addition to dinners on her balcony. “With the filtered pitcher, I can fill it, bring it with me, and fill multiple cups in one sitting!”

Even better? LifeStraw’s commitment to clean water extends beyond your table. In addition to being a carbon-neutral company, they provide a year of safe water to a child in need with every product purchased. For more forward-thinking inspiration, check out the other sustainability finds that fit in with Savannah’s feel-good style:

Credit: Goldune

Bamboo Compost Bin

Cutting down on food waste is an easy green win, and a stylish compost bin makes it feel more in tune with your home. This one from Goldune is made with sustainable bamboo — a clever alternative to plastic — and comes in a few earthy colors.

Credit: Hawkins New York

Glass Storage Containers

Buying dry goods in bulk saves money and leaves you with less packaging waste. And what’s cuter: a bag of quinoa or a chic and reusable French terrine jar? These larger glass containers with elegant oak lids would also look great on your counter holding essentials like flour, sugar, and pasta.

For Savannah, who loves cooking and staying organized, these jars are a perfect addition. “I have tons of spices and ingredients on hand at all times,” she said. “Glass containers are cute, uniform, and great for seeing exactly what I have and how much.” 

Credit: Bee's Wrap

Cotton Beeswax Food Wraps

Durable beeswax wraps are a reusable alternative to plastic wrap, and they look much prettier. We’re partial to the Bee’s Wrap botanical blue, but they have plenty of handsome patterns to peruse. While you’re at it, ditch that wasteful wrapping paper in favor of the fabric kind: Wrappr’s reusable furoshiki wraps are beautiful enough to frame and reusable in countless ways.

Credit: Goldune

Terrazzo Rubber and Brass Baskets

You’d never know that these beautiful baskets, featuring a terrazzo design and brass accents, began their lives as old rubber. Durable and heat-resistant, they’ll last longer than just about anything you could put in them.

We love a scented candle moment, but we’re less enthusiastic about the empty jars left behind. This gorgeous terrazzo plantable candle comes with seeds and soil to give the vessel second life as an herb planter.

Credit: W&P

Resealable Ceramic Bowl

Upgrading your food storage game doesn’t just mean less wasteful plastic. It also makes that sad desk lunch a whole lot happier. The Porter Bowl has a sleek ceramic design and an elegant strap that keeps the lid secure.

While these travel well, Savannah finds them super useful at home, too. “Even though I work from home, I still like to pack my lunch,” she said. “These containers are perfect for setting portions aside to grab and go. Plus they’re flat, so they’re easy to stack in my fridge.”

Credit: Jeff Davis