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How Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent’s New Collection Can Update Your Space

published Oct 25, 2022
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Credit: Living Spaces

Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent are known for designing homes on TV that are both stylish and practical. Now your IRL home can get the same pampering, seriously! The secret is in their signature furniture line.

We love how every piece in Nate and Jeremiah’s new fall collection gives you a little bit from each of them. So while Nate captures your attention with timeless and worldly designs, Jeremiah comforts you with luxurious fabrics and natural textures.

Check out their fall offerings then head to Living Spaces to see the entire N+J catalog. Any one of their pieces makes your space feel like it’s been professionally updated — no professionals required!

Credit: Living Spaces

The whole N+J Living Spaces fall collection does a great job of combining vintage looks with upgraded functionality. That mix of old and new lets you get one-of-a-kind furniture without going out of your way.

This elegantly weathered dining set seems like it was transported right from a quaint, northern European farmhouse. Details like carvings on the buffet and stained pine wood complete the handcrafted effect. And for your modern convenience, take your pick of table size: console bar, round, or square extension.

Credit: Living Spaces

Everything in the collection is designed to tell a story, such as this richly carved buffet. Its family-heirloom charm gives it a sense of belonging in your home — as soon as you bring it home.

As an anchor piece, the buffet offers an elegant storage solution for extra dinnerware, flatware, or anything else creating clutter in your kitchen. The dark wood’s weathered texture gives it a vintage look, and with modern hardware, it will remain highly functional for a long time.

Credit: Living Spaces

Whenever they travel, Nate and Jeremiah love to collect antiques. They put that same passion into the design of this bedroom set, and it shows. Every piece looks like it comes with its own rich history (even though it’s brand new).

Vintage-inspired highlights like pewter hardware were the first to grab our attention. But when you look closely, there’s so much more to appreciate: planking details on the armoire; handsome carvings on the panel bed; and helpful USB charging ports in the nightstands. Hey, just because it’s antique doesn’t mean it can’t be upgraded.

Credit: Living Spaces

This is where you’ll find all the elements that are trending in sofas right now: a low frame, generously deep seating, rounded edges, and LOTS of options for customization.

Choose from a range of neutral or earth-toned fabric colors to create your ideal canvas, then style it with your favorite textured blankets and throw pillows. Like much of the N+J collection, this is also modular, so you can scale it up or down to fit any space. We told you these guys were versatile!

Credit: Living Spaces

Nate and Jeremiah are all about using layers to make a room more inviting. Here, that doesn’t only mean joining wood with metal. It also means bringing different cultures together.

This rustic-looking chest draws on design tenets from both Americana and Swedish Gustavian styles. Solid hardwood, knotty white oak, and intricate carvings offer plenty of warmth, while modern construction with pewter hardware promises improved durability. It’s simple but not too simple.

Credit: Living Spaces

Any worthwhile statement piece should be one you can cherish for years to come. This captivating canopy bed stands out by letting nature do the talking.

Elegant, pencil-tapered posts extend from the wooden frame to define your bedroom as a place for rest. A swooping canopy solidifies the feeling that you’re in a private oasis. Accent it with cotton or other natural fabric sheets, and you may find yourself embracing early bedtimes.