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How Our Home Design Director Reenergized Her Space for Spring with an Easy “Micro-Makeover”

published Mar 7, 2024
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Credit: Photo: Armando Rafael; Props: Margaret Ward

Spring may be all about the excitement of a refresh, but it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by thoughts of rearranged living rooms, clean garages, and fresh coats of paint; where does one even begin? We say, start with the little things: Choose one small area of your home that you can update in an afternoon or so, and enjoy the easy win. With attention to detail beyond just the visual, even the smallest changes can give your space new life.

With this in mind, our executive home director Danielle Blundell gave her bedside table a mini-makeover this spring. Danielle looked to the English Countryside for inspiration, using old-school patterns, rich colors, and natural textures that fit into her cozy and vintage vibe perfectly. To round out the sensory experience, Danielle also made sure to include her Glade® PlugIns® MaxControl in Cashmere Woods. With notes of jasmine petals, sandalwood, and musk, she’ll be dreaming of misty morning moors and fresh dew in the garden for months to come.

Credit: Photo: Armando Rafael; Props: Margaret Ward

Set the Scene

The English Countryside trend we are seeing so much this year is very much vintage-inspired. Classic and timeless design motifs mix with natural imagery to create a cozy color palette of deep jewel tones, mix-and-matched wood tones, and brass accents. Using her existing nightstand as her canvas, Danielle elevated the look with a new dark green lamp, floral throw pillows to match, and a brass tray with dried florals. The result is a scene straight out of Pride and Prejudice — bucolic beauty for your bedside.

Credit: Photo: Armando Rafael; Props: Margaret Ward

Breathe Deep

When curating your home, you’re not just creating something to look at; you’re creating someplace to live in. Visual and tactile elements are important of course —– but too often, we overlook one of the strongest and most meaningful senses: smell. When you think of home, does a specific smell come to mind? Perhaps homemade chocolate chip cookies, a blooming lavender plant outside your window, or fresh laundry dried outside on the line? 

Credit: Photo: Armando Rafael; Props: Margaret Ward

To finalize her bedside micro-moment, Danielle used new Glade® PlugIns® MaxControl in Cashmere Woods. The notes of fresh floral and musk complement her English Countryside vibe beautifully, and the new Glade® PlugIns® with MaxControl allow her to further customize her space with the five adjustable fragrance settings. With a signature scent and an eye for detail, Danielle embraced the cottagecore vibe and breathed new life into her space just in time for spring.

Credit: Photo: Armando Rafael; Props: Margaret Ward

Get Cozy

Danielle took inspiration from Mother Nature once again in the curation of textures. The woven wicker lampshade, velvet headboard, natural throw, and warm-toned leather jewelry box complement the wood tones and rattan details of the nightstand itself. The light linen bedspread gives the entire vignette an airy, vintage feel. While visual aesthetics are of course important, your bedroom should also literally feel cozy and comfortable. Danielle achieves a perfect cozy vibe reminiscent of a picnic or an afternoon nap by an open window.