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How This Bedroom Got Way Cozier with Almost No Effort

published Aug 15, 2023
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Credit: Photo: Armando Rafael; Stylist: Margaret Ward

Part of designing a stylish and comfortable room is thinking about how you want it to feel. Whether you’re talking about furniture, paint colors, scents, or textiles, mood is what brings all those elements together into a look — and a vibe — that you love. And when it comes to decorating the bedroom, that vibe is a no-brainer: cozy cozy cozy!

DIYer and design lover Elisa Mastrocolla wanted to give her bedroom an extra dose of snuggly energy without doing much work. And she knew it didn’t have to take much! A few smart tweaks would help it feel even cozier and more serene — the perfect place to unwind at the end of the day. Creating a relaxing atmosphere is about engaging your senses, from the most touchable fabrics to just the right amount of your favorite calming aroma. Glade® PlugIns® Scented Oil MaxControl let you decide how much (or little) fragrance works for you, with five precise settings for consistent, customizable fragrance.

Credit: Photo: Armando Rafael; Stylist: Margaret Ward

“My bedroom is my sanctuary,” Elisa says. “It’s where I want to be at the end of a busy day, reading a book and relaxing. Making it feel cozy and welcoming was important to me.”

She started with a simple trick for creating a bed that’s irresistibly comfy: layering. Elisa remade her bed with extra blankets of different textures and weights, creating smaller and smaller folds to give the bedding depth.

Credit: Photo: Armando Rafael; Stylist: Margaret Ward

Next, she did the same with pillows, layering not just sizes and shapes but patterns as well. By using heavier solid colors in the back and warm neutral patterns in the front, she achieved that sink-right-in feeling you usually only get at hotels. And by sticking to a limited, organic color palette, the overall effect is calm, not overwhelming.

Then it was time to cast a dreamy glow on the whole scene — it’s called “mood lighting” for a reason! An elegant sconce added that soft ambiance Elisa was after without taking up table space. It also helps the room feel more polished and less cluttered.

Credit: Photo: Armando Rafael; Stylist: Margaret Ward

Finally, it was time to pull it all together with an inviting and relaxing aroma. Glade® PlugIns® Scented Oil MaxControl in Clean Linen has a fresh, line-dried laundry scent that will help make every night feel like “new sheets night.” MaxControl is 33 percent more adjustable than other Glade fragrance warmers, with higher highs and lower lows to suit any preference. “I leave it mostly in the medium control,” Elisa says. “It gives just the right amount of scent to complete the cozy vibes.”