How to Make a Hygge Hideout at Home

published Dec 18, 2017
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(Image credit: Rikki Snyder)

Need some more downtime, playtime, or just plain me-time? This fort-building project for grownups is all of those things. It’s inspired by the Danish concept of Hygge, a feeling of coziness, warmth, and wellbeing that’s often enjoyed at home. Using layers of fabric, some string lights and a toolkit of Command™ Hooks and Clips, we set up this dreamy nook for tea, reading, or an afternoon nap. Happy Hygge season!

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Built with sheers, layered with pillows and lit from behind with string lights, this hideout is a cozy spot to spend the winter. (Image credit: Sponsored Post)

What You’ll Need

  • Sheers or Fabric: We used four sheer window panels for this project, but you could also just use yards of lightweight fabric. Be sure to reference package instructions for weight guidelines.
  • Trim: Look for trim at your local craft or fabric store. Pom poms, vine garlands, and ribbons all work well.
  • String Lights: You can find LED string lights at most home goods or hardware stores.
  • Pillows, Rugs and Blankets: The softer, the better. We combined a faux sheepskin rug and Mongolian fur pillows with simple linen and cotton styles.
  • Command™ Clear Mini Hooks: We used these to hang the trim. They hold up to 1/2 pound, and the clear design disappears into the wall.
  • Command™ Clear Medium Hooks: These hold up to 2 pounds, and they’re the perfect size to hang the sheers.
  • Command™ Clear Decorating Clips: Each pack comes with 20 clips and 24 clear mounting strips. We used these to string our lights up.

What You’ll Do

  • First, install the string lights along the wall, so they’ll glow through the back of your curtains. We used a set of Command™ Clear Decorating Clips, clipping the lights to the wall as we went, working from bottom to top.
  • Next, hang the Command™ Clear Medium Hooks. If you’re setting your nook up in a corner, hang two on the innermost parts of the wall. Then measure out about 4 feet or so on either wall to hang your outer hooks. (Use the instructions in the slideshow above and on the packaging to install your hooks.)
  • We strung tension wire between each hook, and used it to hang the sheers, but you could also use fishing wire.
  • To hang the trim, we installed Command™ Clear Medium Hooks on the ceiling, then draped the trim over the sheers.
  • Last, layer your hideout with rugs and curtains. Make a cup of coffee or tea, grab a good book, turn off your phone and enjoy some quiet time.
  • NOTE: If your project requires other Command™ Brand products, make sure to check the package instructions for weight limits and step-by-step installation tips!

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