How to Make an Easy Entryway

published Jun 15, 2016
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(Image credit: Jay Wen)

We ask a lot of the entryway: As a landing strip, it does the double duty of filtering what junk is better kept out of the house (stuff like mud and pocket doodads) while also keeping together everything you need to exit (like keys and umbrella). But that’s only half its job! The entryway is also tasked with making a home’s first and last impressions. That’s a lot to do in a little space!

So how do you do it?

If you have a large foyer, great! A side table and a chair will help contain everything you need. But if the dedicated space for your entryway is less palatial, think strategically with your vertical space.

A secretary does a great job of organizing outgoing letters and corralling keys and loose change, but so does a well-placed shelf or hanging key rack. The thing to consider when installing such items is that they’re going to get a lot of use — at least twice a day (once out, once in) — and they need to be up for the job (not down on the floor). What’s more, it has to look good doing it. We’ve found Command™ products will hold up great for both the decorative and functional services of a well-planned entryway.

(Image credit: Jay Wen)

Each entryway is unique according to its enter-er’s needs, and Command Brand offers a range of creative solutions for your plan. We’ve isolated some of the most universal jobs and found a Command Brand idea to get it done:

  • For incoming/outgoing mail, a Picture Ledge at elbow level keeps things orderly and doubles as a casual art display.
  • Hooks turn storage into display by keeping hangables like scarves and totes in a curated visual presentation — just make sure you install them high enough for their contents to hang down completely.
  • We love the Decorative Knobs for more singular hangables, like a dog’s lead, to make a more emphatic statement.
  • And a Key Rail is perfect for, well, keys.

Regardless of your unique layout or finish preferences, the trick is to spend the extra little bit of time during installation to hang the items correctly the first time. That means reading the instructions on the back of the package — and following them! — which includes a wait time before hanging anything from the hooks and strips. (The science there is that the adhesive needs time to bond with the wall before bearing any weight.)

How to install a picture frame with Picture Hanging Strips:

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Separate the strips completely. (Image credit: Jay Wen)

And how to uninstall:

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Peel frame off the wall while holding it from the bottom. (Image credit: Jay Wen)

(NOTE: The above installation instructions are for Picture Hanging Strips; if you’re using other Command Brand products such as hooks and ledges, make sure to check the package instructions!)

After you’ve planned and executed a smarter entryway, you’ll be greeted and sent off with the pride of form and function — but not a single nail hole!

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