Our Best Boho Bedroom Ideas

Get inspired by dozens of ideas for boho bedrooms, with sortable photos of beautiful real bedrooms decorated in a variety of colors and boho styles.


Our Editors' Favorite Boho Bedrooms Ideas

There's a lot to love about the all-white, Scandi minimalist look. It just makes you want to breathe a sigh of relief. But despite that, there's still a large percentage of people who don't quite resonate with the look. If hygge isn't your cup of tea and instead you prefer lots of color, tons of texture, and cozy accents to set your heart aflutter,boho style may be the one for you.

The best place to start? With a bohemian bedroom, of course! Since you spend time in it every day, it's worth decking it out with boho furniture, accents, and objects that you'll be able to appreciate, whether that's a patchwork couch, shag rug, or wall-mounted baskets.

Since there's not a one-size-fits-all approach to designing with a bohemian mindset, you can presumably find a look that fits your personality and living style to a T. Browse through this collection of bohemian bedroom ideas and prepare to have decorating inspiration for life.

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This Florida home's lush green plants and colorful bedding make the room feel jungle-like. But what really sets it apart is that sea green paint on the walls.
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Of the vibrant wallpaper in her Hollywood studio apartment, interior designer Celena Browning says: "It has opened up the space and made it feel so big!"
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This dramatic bohemian bedroom in Brooklyn is saturated in deep mauve from top to bottom. Unique light fixtures and subtle pops of color add depth and personality.
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A rattan screen serves as a boho headboard in Rachel's Essex bungalow. "It has changed the feel of the room and given it that retro vibe without even opening up a tin of paint.
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This airy bedroom in a Canadian loft manages to be both minimalist and cozy. A handcrafted headboard and coordinating light wood accents keeps things simple and clean.
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A bit of greenery adds a boho vibe to any bedroom. This sleeping space in a Portland apartment is clearly tended to by someone with a green thumb.