Jacquelyn’s Design Vision: Black, White, and Cozy All Over

published Apr 29, 2017
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We’re helping Julie and her family freshen up their living room. The project involves de-cluttering her space — a special challenge when you have a one-year-old — and adding some travel-inspired pops of color and personality.

We’ve set her up with three style experts, who will each build on what Julie has while adding some fresh inspiration from the TargetStyle Global Collection. Toronto-based designer Jacquelyn Clark runs a boutique interior design firm by day and the lifestyle blog Lark & Linen by night. For Julie, she went for a mix of texture and patterns that are unified by a black-and-white palette. Here are her picks…

  • I often opt for pieces that feel lived in and loved, that marry both form and function. That’s partially why I selected this series of baskets, which are a great way to corral all of Teo’s toys — and they’re stylish to boot.
  • Tons of throw pillows add those layers that transform a house into a home, and those layers are imperative for that “cozy factor.” In keeping with Julie’s preferences, I opted for a monochromatic palette to keep things simple and elegant, but played around with unique patterns, scales, and textures to add interest and variety.
  • I selected this daybed to act as a coffee table. It’s a soft surface to rest your feet on, and it’s also kid-friendly. (No bumped noggins!) I’ve also added this genuine teak bowl to the bench/table combo. I love the contrast between the soft woven materials of the bench and the rich, organic bowl. It’s also a great way to corral remotes, loose change and other small items to help reduce clutter.
  • Above the couch, I’ve created a unique take on a gallery wall with a collection of globally inspired items. Mounting interesting objects in lieu of traditional art pieces infuses texture and interest, while also adding a hint of unexpectedness. Great design can keep people on their toes!
  • Hanging this lamp above the side table beside the couch adds a unique layer of lighting, without sacrificing surface space. That left room for a sweet little vignette of these beautiful accessories. I selected three items that varied in texture, shape and scale — wood, pottery, and greenery — to make it interesting, in addition to their good looks.
  • Adding some additional greenery next to the media stand instantly added a little more life to that space.
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I’m Jacquelyn Clark, and it’s safe to say that interior design is my M.O. I run a boutique residential interior design firm in Toronto by day and, by night, you can typically find me blogging about the ins and outs of that world on my lifestyle blog, Lark & Linen. With over a decade of interior design experience, plus many years arranging (and rearranging) my bedroom as a child, it’s safe to say that this is what I live and breathe. My style embodies casual, elegant design, with just the slightest edge. Natural materials and bright, airy palettes are my go-tos. I definitely share Julie’s love of travel and, like her, I’ll explore the world at any given opportunity. Traveling is, without question, how I replenish my well of inspiration.

A world of inspiration is now at Target. Come back on May 16 to see what Julie, Victor, and Teo chose for their After!

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