Julie’s Living Room Gets a Global Makeover: The After

published May 17, 2017

A couple weeks ago, we met Julie, Victor, and Teo. The three of them live in an apartment that has great bones — light-filled rooms with beautiful ceiling beams.

Victor (Image credit: Emily Gilbert)

The problem was that their living room had both nothing and everything. The everything part was courtesy of Teo: His arrival was “the best thing ever,” Julie told us. “It seems like every day we accumulate more things and, in a small space, you really feel it.” The nothing part was that the room had no cohesive vision. “It feels like a whole lot of ‘stuff’ with little design or style,” she said.

Design and style, you say? We got you.

We introduced Julie to three style experts, each with their own distinct vision: Stacey, Leela, and Jacquelyn. Using the new TargetStyle Global Collection, each expert came up with a vision for Julie, who had two major requests: to bring some cohesion to her travel-inspired decor, and no bedazzling or rhinestones.

So without further ado, here’s Julie’s new living room…

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Julie’s “Before” was lovely and airy…but didn’t reflect her family’s personality (Image credit: Emily Gilbert)

Ultimately, Julie took advice from experts who favored both neutrals and bright colors. In general, she went with pieces that overlay colors onto white or off-white backgrounds. They ended up bringing in more personality, which was one of her main goals, but let the apartment’s beautiful bones stay a focus of the room.

We hope Julie and Victor love their new room, even if everyone knows the room will really be Teo’s. Good luck, guys!

It clearly works with Teo’s aesthetic. (Image credit: Emily Gilbert)

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