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5 Quick and Easy Laundry Tips That Will Make Wash Day Less of a Chore

updated Oct 1, 2021
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Credit: Ana Hard

We’ll let you in on a laundry secret: Wash day doesn’t have to be complicated. Most people make doing laundry more difficult than it needs to be with excess products, treatments, and clutter. Try adding some of these clever moves to your repertoire instead. They’ll make laundry day much simpler, plus get your clothes cleaner in the process.

Credit: Ana Hard

1. Put Your Pillowcase to Work

Mesh laundry bags are great for delicates like bras, but you’ve already got an excellent alternative in your linen closet. Just add your delicate items to a pillowcase (clasp bras first) and tie it with a rubber band. The same goes for sneakers. Sticking them in a pillowcase, unlaced, will keep your machine free of scuff marks and cut down on noise. (Nobody wants to take squeaky clean literally.)

Credit: Ana Hard

2. Say Hello to Smart Tech

If you’re considering an upgrade, you’ll be amazed at how much easier laundry can be when you lean on technology. For starters, the Samsung Smart Dial Front Load Washer with CleanGuard™ and Samsung Smart Dial Dryer with Super Speed Dry both have an extra-large capacity (5.0 cu. ft. and 7.5 cu. ft., respectively). Together, they can wash and dry a full load in under an hour. That means less time and fewer loads. The AI powered Smart Dial links washer and dryer cycles.* When the washer and dryer are stacked, you can operate them both from one easy-to-reach centralized control. Talk about a power couple.

Credit: Ana Hard

3. Get Help from What You Already Have

You don’t need to buy expensive stain treatments, dryer sheets, and other laundry extras — just shop your shelves. A ball of aluminum foil will slash static cling. Adding a tablespoon of salt to your wash will keep colors from fading. You can pre-treat oil stains with chalk. A half-cup of distilled white vinegar, one of our favorite household supplies, will soften a load of sheets. Stinky gym gear? Spritz it with vodka before washing. The multitasking options are endless!

Credit: Ana Hard

4. Wipe Away Excess Detergent with Your Dirty Clothes

File this under: Why didn’t we think of this before? After measuring out detergent, when the cap or bottle is coated with detergent slime, wipe it off with an item you’re about to wash! Or, go next-level and eliminate the problem before it starts: The Samsung Smart Dial Front Load Washer with OptiWash™ lets you fill the detergent drawer with up to 20 loads’ worth of detergent and softener. It takes care of the rest, for a perfect wash, every time.

Credit: Ana Hard

5. Keep Those Machines Sparkling

Ensuring that your washer and dryer are clean makes your clothes cleaner, too. We don’t have to tell you to empty the lint trap, but when did you last deep clean it? After giving it a good vacuum, soak in soapy water and rinse. Check the dryer vents, which are also prone to lint buildup. And if you’re not cleaning your washing machine regularly, then bacteria and mold can settle in. Spray your machine’s rubber gasket with white vinegar, wipe it down to remove gunk, then run an empty hot wash cycle with two cups of white vinegar. Spic and span! Need a reminder? Samsung’s Self Clean+ technology will notify you every 40 wash cycles when it’s time for a cleaning.

*Requires a Wi-Fi connection and a SmartThings compatible Washer with the Smart Control setting on. Auto Cycle Link is only available when pair is connected to Wi-Fi. However, when dryer is stacked on the washer and connected to each other using the MultiControl KIT (sold seperately, Model code: DV-MCK), Wi-Fi connection is unnecessary.