Let’s Get You Set Up Now for Binge-Watch Season

updated Mar 22, 2019
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Summer’s over (boo!). But there’s so much to look forward to in the fall and winter. Namely, one of our favorite pastimes: doing nothing. Human “hibernation” is totally a thing, and it may actually help us recover and recuperate. This is the time to start building your den of coziness, where your main activity will be telling Netflix you’re still watching from time to time. From speedy Wi-Fi to fake sunlight, here are the five things you should take into account for binge-watch season.

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1. Seasonal Swaps

Just as you swap your shorts for sweaters every fall, your living room will benefit from a seasonal switch-out. Trade your lightweight linens for chunky throws and blankets, and start building up your fortress of comfort with a phalanx of throw pillows. Even something as simple as trading cotton pillow covers for chunky cable knits can go a long way in making a comfier space.

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2. Minimize the Winter Blues

The winter blues are real, and some people even experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) when the days get shorter. Setting up your space right can help mitigate some of these effects. Maximizing whatever natural light you have is rule number one. If direct sunlight is limited in your space, put a mirror in the darker spots. Clean your windows so light doesn’t have to pass through a filter of grime. If you’re not usually home during the day, invest in a light box that you can turn on in the early evening to get a little more “sunshine” while you’re reading, watching TV, or winding down.

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3. Speedy Wi-Fi

Okay, let’s admit it: “Hibernating” is really our cute way of saying “binge-watching.” But that’s nothing to be ashamed of. Colder days are made for streaming an entire season of whatever show you’re behind on. So, speedy Wi-Fi is a must to make it through the fall and winter. The problem is that in our tech-heavy world, we’re probably using a bunch of devices at once and have the buffer bars and spinning pinwheels to prove it. Switch to a 100-percent fiber-optic network like Verizon Fios (where fiber optics move crazy amounts of data at even crazier speeds) so that everyone in the house can stream, game, and surf—all at the same time.

4. Some Extra Surfaces

Getting a stylish C-table or some folding TV trays can turn your hibernation den into a multipurpose space that’s good for more than binge-watching. You could also consider a coffee table that converts into a desk or dining table, which is equally ideal for work-from-home days and viewing-party nights. Even something as simple as a DIY serving tray can help you turn your lounging space into a working or entertaining space.

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5. Tech

Beyond good Wi-Fi, there are a ton of home tech tools that can enhance any good hibernation hub. Google Home, for instance, will let you pretty much do anything you want to do without getting out from under the covers, from ordering takeout, to lowering the blinds, to playing a podcast. And Verizon Fios (again!) has you covered. They’re currently running a Triple Play offer that includes a $200 credit you can use toward a range of Google and Nest smart-home devices when you sign a two-year agreement.

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