Let’s Talk About Clean Furniture and Furry Pets

published Nov 7, 2016
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The pros of having pets on the sofa/in your bed/at the table are pretty clear: tons of cuddles, someone to pick up all the dinner crumbs, and no sad puppy dog eyes (or judgy cat eyes) when your loved one feels lefts out. But let’s face it: The hair gets everywhere.

So, let’s talk about your pet hair strategies.

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Vacuums are, of course, the first line of defense if pets are allowed on the furniture. Miele has two options specifically designed for pet lovers:
The Dynamic Upright Cat & Dog and the Complete C3 Cat & Dog Power Line pick up pet hair and odors with no problem.

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The Complete C3 is a canister vacuum cleaner with foot controls that mean you don’t have to stoop. The Dynamic U1 is a nimble upright, with a 54-foot reach and SwivelNeck. Both are designed with extra suction (1,200 watts, which is a lot) and an advanced Active AirClean filter that neutralizes odors.

What’s your pet policy? Is your home free-reign? Has training, a great vacuum, or some other measure helped keep things under control? Let us know in the comments below!

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