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Here’s a Light Bulb That Disinfects Surfaces (!), Plus One That Helps Home Security Cameras See Better

published Nov 23, 2021
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Credit: Georgina Whalen

Home lighting definitely functions as a utility — we need it to work, cook, clean, and do a million other things — but it also affects how we feel. So we always appreciate lights that meet both our practical and personal needs.

LIFX achieves these goals in an incredibly clever way with their smart light bulbs. They not only give you completely customizable lighting throughout your home — just pinpoint your perfect hues and brightness through their app on your phone — but also help you with some unexpected home duties like cleaning and security.

Here’s an up-close look at how LIFX‘s beautiful bulbs helped Apartment Therapy’s Georgina Whalen get more use out of her light fixtures and add a more personal touch to her space.

Credit: Georgina Whalen

A Cleaning Tool to Make Your Own

Customizability is especially important in multi-use areas, so to make the most of her hybrid office/workout space, Georgina swapped her other lights for LIFX Clean Bulbs. When she wanted more brightness and clarity for focusing on work or taking video calls, she just set the bulbs to that. And when she felt like a different color or temperature, she could change them individually or all together.

As someone who takes cleaning very seriously, Georgina also really liked how the Clean Bulb gave her some peace of mind by disinfecting everything on her desk and workout area — keyboards, notebooks, weights, and mats included. “I am always conscious of surfaces I may not be able to reach or don’t pay as much attention to, like walls, my keys, or the tops of window sills,” she says. “The Clean Bulb is able to reach all of those areas with a tap on my phone and no other effort from me!”

Credit: Georgina Whalen

The Clean Bulb works by using high-energy visible (HEV) light, which has been found to kill up to 90% of bacteria (such as E. coli) when it’s turned on for 12 hours at 4-foot distance. You can schedule the light to go on (and off) whenever you need it, and since these bulbs replace your regular ones, you can set up cleaning stations wherever you want in your home.

Georgina also loved the option to program different “rooms,” or combinations of light settings, that she could turn on or off in the app. In the early morning she opted for a warmer peachy tone, and in the evening she picked softer lighting to be easy on the eyes.

Credit: Georgina Whalen

More Visibility (Where It Matters Most)

Pet parents like to keep an eye on their fur friends when they’re away, and Georgina found LIFX’s Nightvision Bulb made that job even easier for her. When you activate its infrared mode, the Nightvision Bulb makes any area under a pet or security camera (indoors and outdoors) more visible — but only to the camera! Its infrared light is invisible to our eyes and our pets’ eyes, causing no disturbances.

While Georgina’s current pet camera works well during the day, at night it can be hard to see if her dog Frida is sleeping, sitting up, crying, or anything else. “The Nightvision Bulb provides me a clearer vision of what she’s up to, easing my mind until I return home,” she says, adding that she may even place one above her security camera outside for a clearer view there. 

Credit: Georgina Whalen

And like all of LIFX’s products, the Nightvision Bulb gives you all the color-changing and dimmability options you could want. Stick with clean white lighting during the day, warm sunset vibes in the evening, or turn on a color cycle and give your space a whole new feeling. Georgina is planning to replace even more of her lights with LIFX bulbs, since they’re an easy way to make any light fixture dimmable, and when you’re out of town, you can schedule them to mimic your normal usage for an added sense of security.

“The LIFX lights definitely make my home feel more cozy, connected, and create a more convenient space that is personalized to my own needs,” Georgina says. “The convenience and peace of mind they provide in small but significant ways is beyond worth it.”