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13 Things in This Living Room Makeover That Are Fun Enough for Kids — and Stylish Enough for Adults

published Jun 8, 2023
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Credit: Photo: Christopher Broe; Props: Erik Staalberg

When Samantha and her family moved into their Los Angeles apartment, it was a big space upgrade — especially the 200-square-foot living room big enough for chill family hangs, parties with friends, and playtime for the kids. But moving into a larger place meant that their furniture and artwork weren’t quite to scale with the room, leaving it feeling a little disorganized and haphazard.

With furnishings and home decor from The Home Depot, they were able to incorporate new pieces into the space that helped it feel cohesive, right-sized, and well-suited to all the different functions that the family needed the room to have. From organizational accessories and decor to big-ticket items like couches and area rugs, The Home Depot’s online-only designs are both on-trend and on budget. See how a few strategic changes — and the right furnishings — transformed this space.

Work Around a Focal Point

With a larger room, it’s helpful to have an anchor. In Samantha’s living room, that’s the stunning fireplace. They arranged seating around it, mixing a leather sofa with soft velvet armchairs. The glass coffee table and some well-placed side tables make the area functional no matter how many people are over. Layering in a large area rug in a minimalist design unifies the room.

Corral the Kiddos’ Playtime

By dedicating the back corner of the living room as a play space, Samantha and her husband’s two children have an area all their own that doesn’t make the whole living room look like a playpen. Woven baskets and a TV stand make for stylish toy storage, and a sheepskin rug keeps them cozy when they’re playing on the floor. A modern rocking chair takes story time to the next level.

Go Big with Accents

Samantha’s new accents play to the space’s proportions. She took advantage of all that wall space with a gallery wall of decorative mirrors (which also reflect the room’s natural light). Real and faux houseplants in elevated planters add greenery, while a tall floor lamp keeps the space feeling bright.

“Before, we didn’t use the living room very often. It didn’t have a welcoming feel,” Samantha says. “Now we spend time with friends and family hanging out and talking. It’s a very warm, comfortable space. The kids love the big comfortable couch for snuggling and reading — and they love seeing themselves in all the mirrors!”