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3 Gorgeous Ways to Give Your Home Effortless, Iconic Style

updated Apr 12, 2021
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Credit: Anthropologie

Can we tell you a style secret? Your space can be both timeless and on-trend. In fact, that’s where the I-can’t-believe-I-live-here magic happens. The key is to invest in versatile pieces that only get better with age, and then build around them.

Nobody gets that style philosophy like AnthroLiving, with its signature mix of vintage-inspired classics and distinctive new designs. Inspired by Anthropologie’s classic combo of romance and whimsy, we designed three mood boards to turn any space into a place you’ll love as trends come and go. Years — and apartments — from now, they’ll still capture that eternally effortless, timeless-with-a-twist spirit.

Look #1: New Southwest Bedroom

Repeat after us: Timeless does not mean boring. Opt for a statement chair that speaks to your unique style, like this one-of-a-kind Woven Marija Rag Rug Accent Chair. Handwoven from recycled fabric, it delivers gorgeous texture and a harmonious color palette. The Textured Piazza Quilt‘s soothing clay hue balances all that brightness, with next-level floral stitching to make it pop. And an Aurelie Glass Jar Candle adds a serene scent and a soft glow.

Look #2: Cool Romantic Entryway

There’s nothing like being welcomed home by a dreamy entryway, so we started with the dreamiest decor we could find: the Gleaming Primrose Mirror. This vintage-inspired stunner knows how to make an entrance, with jeweled adornments and stage presence that never goes out of style. Lean it atop the Handcarved Samuel Buffet, which combines earthy tones and accents with an arresting geometric design. And the Avila Pedestal Candle plays beautifully off that natural vibe with a sculptural base and frosted glass body.

Look #3: Organic Modern Office

The beauty of having a home office is creating a space that inspires you, so make it feel like home (even while you’re at work). The Fern Storage Cabinet is the sophisticated older cousin of boring bookshelves, with elegant glass doors for showing off decor and generous drawers for stashing supplies. And remember that inspiration comes in tiny packages, too: An earthenware mug like the artisanal Dalila adds a cheery boost of creativity to your morning bev. Keep a stack of monogrammed cards handy for sending thank you notes or sharing your next great idea.