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Megan’s Mystery Makeover: See This “Boring” Cabinet Transform into a Cute, Colorful Garden Essential

published Jul 3, 2024
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Credit: Armando Rafael

Creativity is endless, but sometimes constraints make for extra exciting results. That’s the spirit behind Megan’s Mystery Makeover: Megan Baker Detloff, Apartment Therapy’s Home Projects Director, mails a surprise to one of her favorite DIYers and challenges them to create a project with it. This time, Megan is encouraging makers to dial up their style using a makeover essential — Stops Rust with Custom Spray 5-in-1 by Rust-Oleum — in a color of her choosing.

From building sheds to flipping furniture, there’s not much that Kayla Nelson can’t do. This self-proclaimed “fearless DIYer” is always up for a project challenge. Lately, that’s also included challenging herself to start gardening.

Credit: Armando Rafael

So when her can of Stops Rust with Custom Spray 5-in-1 arrived, Kayla decided to create something that would get her new hobby off to an energetic start: an outdoor potting station to inspire her foray into plant life. Megan selected the stunningly saturated shade of Satin Sapphire, and Kayla got to work.

Spray paint is a DIY essential, and Stops Rust with Custom Spray 5-in-1 takes it to the next level. Its adjustable dial includes five different spray settings, so there’s an option for every angle of your project.

Credit: Armando Rafael

Kayla took advantage of three dial settings for her potting station makeover. First, she used the vertical fan setting to cover the front and the horizontal fan setting to cover the sides: Since they’re designed for tall and wide flat surfaces, they made for even coverage in no time. For the piece’s tight corners and legs, Kayla switched to the low output setting. It delivers a fine mist without drips.

“The can is so easy to use,” Kayla says. “I was surprised about the coverage. The multiple dials really helped to eliminate drips. And I was not expecting how easy it is to clean the potting station now that it has a satin finish, but that is a welcomed surprise.”

Credit: Armando Rafael

“I love the unexpected pop of color. It’s such a fun statement piece and conversation starter. Everyone compliments the color and vibrancy.”

Kayla Nelson

Now, Kayla is excited to pursue her new hobby. She knew the bright blue piece would look nice, but she’s surprised by just how much it’s become a mood-boosting focal point of her outdoor space. “The ‘before’ was nice, but it was just a wooden cabinet. It lacked personality, and I was able to add that by using spray paint.”