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This DIYer Decorates for Spring Using Dark Tones and Heavy Fabrics — and It’s a Breath of Fresh Air

published Apr 1, 2023
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DIY maximalist Monica Chavez knows there isn’t just one way to say spring. The first sign of warmer weather might make you think of blush hues and bold blooms. Monica, on the other hand, plays with the idea that darker tones and heavier fabrics can still signal the start of the new season. There’s a secret that makes her bold choices still feel light and airy: incorporating springtime scents.

Monica crafted a bedroom refresh that hits all the right notes in an unexpected key, taking inspiration from the Air Wick Essential Mist® Lush Honeysuckle and Raspberry scent. The discreet diffuser evenly and continuously diffuses fragrance infused with natural essential oils. Just like the balance of sweet honeysuckle and tart raspberry, Monica mixed wood and metal, and solids and textures, to create unexpected and unforgettable combinations. “As people we are constantly growing, learning, and changing. Our spaces should transform right along with us,” she says. “We thrive under different conditions, surrounded by various elements depending on the season.”

Just because everyone is zigging, doesn’t mean you can’t zag. You may not immediately think of a black upholstered bed for a spring refresh, but by acting as a luxurious base, the bed allows the colors of the linens and pillows to stand out. Monica’s handmade Otomi print bedding is not only gorgeous, but it’s also a reflection of her heritage — and having your true style shine through is the best design advice there is, all year round.

“I’ve tried out several popular styles in an effort to ‘find mine,’ only to realize I like many different styles all at once — and that’s OK! Instead of trying to fit into a box of a preset style, experiment with colors, prints, and pieces that motivate and speak to you. That will create a style unique to you.”

For Monica, seasonality is about memory and marking time. “Because foods and flowers are seasonal, the scent of one of those items often serves as a marker for a time of year or location,” she says. “If I’m creating a space and want to intentionally draw on the location or inspiration of a time of year, scent is going to play the biggest role.” You can see it in the design choices in her mood board as well: All of her pieces feel bright, fresh, and ready for the season, while still maintaining a timeless heirloom quality. Imagine putting a mixed bouquet of dried and fresh flowers on the enameled end table, or watching the breeze flutter the red velvet curtains and fill the room with the scent of honeysuckle and raspberry.

Monica is a firm believer that the best-designed space is one that works for the person using it.

And her bedroom refresh proves there’s no one way to celebrate spring. “For me, a well-designed space not only incorporates beautiful things that are meaningful, but the space is also practically functional,” she says. “It’s important to take into consideration who the space is serving and ask if every square inch will bring that person value.” Finding the style — and the Air Wick® fragrance — that’s right for you will help you feel your best in your space all year long.