Milestone Makeover: Laura and Brandon’s Inviting Back Yard

published Jun 30, 2017

Homeowners: Laura and Brandon Piety, Los Angeles
Milestone: Bought their first home and launched a new business
Makeover: Make the backyard more inviting for entertaining

It’s been a big couple years for Laura and Brandon Piety. Last year, they checked a huge dream off their life list: buying a home in Los Angeles, where they’ve lived for the past six years. This is in addition to having recently completed another huge life list item, launching their new media business, Noble.

(Image credit: Marisa Vitale)

Amidst such big changes, the couple was eager to bring more life into their home, integrating their various friend groups with dinner parties and barbecues. “Hosting is in our DNA,” says Brandon, while Laura, a London expat, sees entertaining as both a way to repay the hospitality she felt when moving to the United States and to recreate memories of family gatherings in her grandparents’ garden.

There was just one problem: While the inside of Laura and Brandon’s Sherman Oaks home was all bright and clean mid-century style, the backyard was dark and dingy, with a flaking, cracking paint job. “Like a mopey, rainy day,” as Brandon put it. The two had thoughtfully curated their home with touches that reflect their homey minimalist aesthetic. Out back, though, it was ho-hum and uninviting. Even the gorgeous SoCal weather couldn’t convince them to hang out back there.

(Image credit: Marisa Vitale)

That’s where Apartment Therapy stepped in: Armed with Benjamin Moore paints, we repainted the house in a minimalist retro scheme, using Aura Exterior Super White Satin on the wood siding and Regal Select Super White Flat on the stucco, and then finished off the trim in Aura Exterior Black Satin.

(Image credit: Marisa Vitale)

We used Aura because it stands the test of time, with a lifetime limited warranty against cracking and peeling and Color Lock technology that delivers fade-resistant color. (Because no one has ever been excited to have to paint their house again.) And on the stucco, we used Regal Select Exterior because it has great adhesion properties. Like Aura, it’s in it for the long haul with a durable finish and a lifetime limited warranty. Both paints are strong choices for climates where bright sun can kill color and dampness wreaks its own havoc.

(Image credit: Marisa Vitale)

A coat of paint can make a huge difference in any room, and outdoor “rooms” are no exception: With a rich white to illuminate the back yard and extend the brightness of the inside, Laura and Brandon’s outdoor space is a true extension of their home — and the community they hope to create in it. The rich pigment, depth of color and superior coverage also mean that they barely ever have to think about it again. Instead, they’ll focus on the taco parties and barbecues that await. “Our back yard now is like the perfect beach day,” Laura said.

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