More Storage, Less Clutter, All Style

published Nov 16, 2017
(Image credit: Johnson Hardware)

No matter how cute your storage solutions are, sometimes you look around your space and all you see is…stuff. A science project that’s taken over the kitchen table, mail that you’re definitely going to sort soon, stacks of clothes that are barely letting your closet door close — sometimes you don’t just want to organize these things, you want to make them invisible. Good news: You can.

Sure, we love sparking joy and embracing minimalism and making your home look like the Architectural Digest crew just left. But we also know that, when all that stuff is just a fact of life, a well-placed door can make all the difference.

Johnson Hardware’s innovative Soft-Close wall mount sliding barn door hardware opens up a world of possibility for your home. Whether you want to make your closet work harder (sliding doors can save up to 14 square feet of floor space), corral unsightly toys, or give your home office (and all its ugly wires and business stuff) a little more privacy, Johnson can help you turn your existing doors into whisper-quiet masterpieces of serenity and efficiency.

Yes, we’re actually excited about this sliding door hardware – and we think you will be, too. Installation is easy for a handyman or experienced DIYer, and Johnson’s website has loads of how-to videos to help you on your way.

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