How to Set Up Your Sleep Space When You’re a Night Owl

published Mar 4, 2019
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Image Credit: Casper

Good sleep is hard to come by. Most of us don’t get enough of it, and even when we do it’s not always high-quality, be it because of environmental factors (sound, light, temperature) or our temperamental body clocks. The first step to better sleep is understanding what kind of sleeper you are—and if you’re reading this at 3 a.m., you’re a Night Owl. Spotted in areas like graveyard shifts, after-afterparties, and midnight creative sessions, Night Owls can have trouble getting their internal clocks to say, “time for bed.” That’s where we come in.  We’ve put together a shoppable toolkit of handpicked items, like the frankly magical Casper Glow light, that will help you sleep better, whenever that may be. And right now, AT readers get $75 off The Casper mattress and $125 off The Wave with the code APTHERAPYC. (Terms apply.)

Apartment Therapy readers get $75 off The Casper and $125 off The Wave with the code APTHERAPYC. Terms apply.

The Night Owl can be spotted in many environments, whether working the graveyard shift, dancing at afterparties, or enjoying the special creative wave that only comes in the overnight. And if nighttime is your time, you’re not alone. There’s no definitive statistic, but some sleep experts claim up to 10 percent of us prefer to stay up at night and sleep during the day. That’s 32.5 million night owls in the U.S. alone.

Unsurprisingly, the key to a good day’s sleep is to keep out the light. Blackout shades (or a sleep mask at the very least) are a must. Special sleep lamps like Casper’s Glow can also help replicate natural light rhythms at any time of day: The warm light cues your body to wind down when it’s time for reading and relaxing, and then fills the room with soft light for an easy morning rise—even if you’re rising after noon. (It also has a low-light feature, so you can get those late-night snacks without waking up the whole house.)

Meditation apps like Headspace or Calm can also help, and even nutritional supplements such as melatonin or CBD gummies (if that’s your jam) might help you relax. Essential oils in a bedside diffuser or mixed with some water and spritzed onto pillows are also a big helper. Lavender or Valerian oils are both good choices for sleep.

Of course, no amount of lavender will make up for subpar spinal support. Casper’s most popular mattress is the original, Casper. Its Zoned Support™ system uses a layer of foam that’s firmer under the hips and softer under the shoulders to keep your spine properly aligned throughout the night. Or the day.

All that said, there are a lot of Night Owls whose schedules just don’t allow for much daytime sleep. In that case, mid-day naps could be a big help—they’re shown to improve alertness and performance. A portable, fun-sized nap pillow in a handy cinch bag could help, and (let’s be honest) is a much more chic option than your typical airplane neck pillow.