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Our Home Director’s “Color Crush” Adds a Touch of Nature Anywhere You Put It

published Jul 8, 2024
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Credit: Photo: Kate Clarkson, Design: Creative Studio
Credit: Creative Studio

We’re asking some of the most stylish people we know for their 2024 Color Crush: the hue that’s lighting up their mood boards and room redos this year. Learn more about the colors they chose, then find more inspiration with our innovative image search, powered by Sherwin-Williams.

From the scent of freshly picked flowers to the colors of a landscape in bloom, outdoor-inspired style touches are both energizing and grounding — reinvigorating our spaces and senses along the way.

This unique effect is exactly what inspired Apartment Therapy’s home director Danielle Blundell’s 2024 Color Crush: Halcyon Green SW 6213 by Sherwin-Williams. It’s a peaceful, pleasing green that calls to mind herb gardens and quiet walks in the woods. You can use it confidently on larger surfaces, such as a full wall or an entire room, or as an accent. Spend a few minutes with this color and you’ll quickly appreciate its versatility.

Why Danielle Loves Halcyon Green

Halcyon Green embodies everything I look for in a color,” Danielle says. “It’s soothing but not snoozy, and it’s saturated enough to make a statement while still reading as a neutral. It’s the perfect mid-tone, meaning it has punch but doesn’t feel visually heavy. I find this shade to be refreshing and recharging; it instantly brightens up a space and brings the outdoors inside.”

It’s a color that introduces balance and harmony wherever you put it, Danielle says — which means you can try this endlessly adaptable hue just about anywhere to create a soft, soothing haven, from the bedroom to a reading nook.

“A muted green with blue undertones like Halcyon Green isn’t just for walls — bring it up onto the ceiling to create a striking color-drenched effect. I’ve also been seeing shades in this family pop up on woodwork, including molding and wainscoting. This subtle application brings just the right amount of pep to spots where you’d typically see crisp white.”

Colors That Work Well with Halcyon Green

To emphasize the nature-inspired beauty of Halcyon Green, Danielle would pair it with other hues that evoke the great outdoors: Red Cent SW 6341, an earthy terracotta; Ripe Olive SW 6209, a deep and grounding green; and Alabaster SW 7008, a creamy white that provides warm contrast.

“These are all shades I could imagine an artist using together in a landscape painting,” Danielle says.

Halcyon Green on kitchen cupboards or a living room built-in would be major: unexpected but super livable.

Danielle Blundell

Find Your Own Inspiration

Sometimes an image sparks the idea you’ve been looking for. The innovative Apartment Therapy image search, powered by Sherwin-Williams, lets you search thousands of House Tour photos for inspo that speaks to you. Look by color, room, decor style, and more! Then use any photo to generate a customized paint palette based on the image.

Or maybe you’ve already found inspiration in an unexpected place, like a travel photo or beloved outfit. Check out our new Color Collector, also powered by Sherwin-Williams, to upload any image and generate a personalized color palette recommendation. Try using a photo of your favorite landscape painting or garden to find a dreamy, nature-inspired palette.

Credit: Cathy Pyle

Once you’re ready to start bringing your vision to life, Sherwin-Williams helps you select the best shades for your space. With Peel & Stick samples and FREE color chips, you can see exactly how the color will read, so by the time you start painting, you feel confident that the final result will live up to its inspiration!