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Chill Out Tonight, Clean Up Tomorrow: 4 Low-Key Ideas for a Perfect Night In

published Aug 22, 2019
Credit: Meryl Rowin

At the end of a busy work week, there’s nothing as gratifying as a good night in. You’ve spent five days grinding, so you deserve the simple joy of enjoying your home and winding down for the weekend. Whether that’s a family movie night or some DIY spa time, the one promise you have to keep is to not worry about cleaning it up until tomorrow. Just submit to the R&R and know that a few swipes of a mop can handle it all the next morning.

Here are four practically effortless ways to spend a perfect night in — and the tools that will ensure you

Have a Family Movie Night

Grab the popcorn and a pint (or three) of your favorite ice cream. There’s nothing like an at-home movie marathon with the family — and plenty of snacks. And even if those snacks are the crumbliest chips around, clean-up is easy with Libman’s Wonder Mop. This powerhouse tool lifts 20 percent more dirt and grime from floors and, with its built-in wringer, dries them faster too. The microfiber mop head is even machine washable, so you can enjoy messy movie nights again and again with no stress. The hardest part will be choosing which movies to watch.

Credit: Meryl Rowin

Throw an Impromptu Dinner Party

One of the most comforting ways to end a hectic workweek is a good meal with friends. Have some of the top-tier gang over — the ones who are totally fine with pasta out of a box and salad out of a bag — and enjoy a totally low-key dinner party. Whatever mess comes from kitchen foot-traffic and wine spills can wait until tomorrow. Libman’s Tornado Mop has a mop head that’s 50 percent larger than others in its class, which makes for a tool that will wipe up dinner party messes faster than ever. That way, you can enjoy more time with your friends and less with your (beloved, but far less sociable) cleaning supplies.

Credit: Meryl Rowin

Indulge in a Spa Night

Check into the world’s most boutique and zen-inspired spa: your own bed. Put on an indulgent face mask and order in your favorite spring rolls. Then guiltlessly drift off to sleep without even thinking of the one or two things you should take care of before bed. When it comes to the clean-up, you can count on that being guilt-free, too, thanks to Libman’s eco-friendly Freedom Spray Mop. The thick, machine-washable microfiber pads and battery-free apparatus sets this tool apart from other spray mops. Plus, you can use whatever cleaning solution you like.

Credit: Meryl Rowin

Put Your Paws Up

As pet parents know, you don’t need any activity or theme for a perfect night in when you have some furry company. Put your feet (or paws) up, grab a book, heat up some leftovers, and get those all-important belly rubs going. It’s a shed-friendly zone with Libman’s Microfiber Dust Mop. The cleaning pad makes picking up pet hair easy, and the comb attachment removes dust and dirt so you’re not dragging allergens all around your home (the pad is also machine washable). That way, you can get your cuddles in tonight, and clean tomorrow.

Illustration & Animation by Meryl Rowin