Get Your Space Spotless with These Prime Day Deals on Editor-Favorite Cleaning and Organizing Finds

updated Jul 12, 2023
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When huge sale events like Amazon Prime Day roll around, you might be tempted to look exclusively for big-ticket items among the discounts. Perhaps you want to go for a new flatscreen, a long-coveted MacBook Air, or the Dyson vac you’ve been eyeing. This is all well and good, but you’d be remiss to skip out on the smaller items that streamline your day-to-day. We’re specifically talking about cleaning and organizing products, which you can never have enough of. Right now, you can find tons of editor-loved brands and shop our staff’s tried-and-tested favorites for less. It doesn’t matter which room in your home needs the most help; these finds from Joseph Joseph, YouCopia, Honey-Can-Do, and more will conquer clutter and leave all surfaces looking spotless. Some of them will also help increase storage space! Let’s dive into our top Prime Day picks that you need to check out before the two-day event is over.

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This two-tier cabinet organizer totally transformed our commerce SEO editor Sarah’s bathroom. She wrote, “I fit so much stuff in these organizers I couldn’t believe it. In fact, I was able to take extra items (like the various pieces of cleaning supplies I had lying around my bathroom) and finally fit them under my sink!”

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Every hard-to-manage spice collection calls for a spinning organizer or two. Contributor Jen came to own eight kitchen turntables, herself, after realizing how useful they are. Among them, she favored this one by Copco, which "contains two levels, perfect for stacking and storing all my herbs and spices in plain sight," she wrote. No matter what you're cooking, this little number will keep the ingredients handy at all times.

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Whether you have no room for a large vacuum or need something useful for hard-to-reach corners, this handheld model from Black+Decker is perfect for the job. The affordable machine makes everyday cleaning touch-ups feel easy. It charges in four hours and lasts long enough to do a once-over of your entire place before needing to go back to the charging dock. Best List Editor Britt has been using this vacuum forever and swears by it, writing, "This vacuum literally lasts for years, and still works as well as it did when I first received it. Reliable is an understatement when it comes to this vacuum, it’s a dependable must-have."

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Perhaps you've made use of all your bathroom's under-sink cabinet space and storage closet shelving. Still lacking essential space for your linens and toiletries? The area above the toilet is your next best bet. Enter this five-tiered storage shelf from editor-favorite brand Honey-Can-Do. Its sturdy steel frame offers two columns of slatted shelves, ensuring that your lotions, hand towels, and hair tools are never without a home. Plus, the organizer is quite stylish for its category.

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Cordless, compact, and easy on the eyes, this sleek handheld vacuum is a must-have cleaning tool according to our commerce SEO editor. "I knew this vacuum was special, picking up everything from dust to crumbs with extreme ease," Sarah wrote. "By the time I was done using it, my place was spotless, and I had found a new go-to." The included crevice tool also transforms into a brush tool, which leaves blankets, accent pillows, and other soft surfaces free of lint.

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When you want the feeling of a new fridge without the cost of a new fridge, think of bins. These sturdy bins with adjustable dividers (for creating custom storage slots) and wheels (for easy access) are transformative according to Britt. "With the rollout drawer, I fit 12 slim cans in a space just 8″ wide, and rather than bending down and sticking my arm deep into the fridge to feel around for the first drink I could find, I simply pulled the drawer out and picked which one I wanted," she wrote. By keeping food compartmentalized, the bins make it easier to keep your fridge clean and clutter-free.

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Already a fan of the super stylish and convenient Nori Press steam iron, SEO commerce editor Sarah couldn't resist trying out the Nori Trim fabric shaver from one of her new favorite brands. "Now I am no stranger to fabric shavers — using them is one of my favorite past times — so I was a bit skeptical as to how much different this one could be," she said in her review. "My biggest test was when I took the Trim over to my couch. Covered in a white boucle wrap, my sofa was covered in little black pieces of lint from my blankets and leggings that I was itching to get rid of. In a couple of quick passes, my sofa looked brand new and, most importantly, the boucle remained intact. Yup, I was sold."

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After experiencing a mice infestation in her city apartment, former commerce coordinator Emily knew she needed to make some serious changes to her kitchen. The most effective one? Adding this odor-filtering trash can into the space. Not only does it have a tight-fitting lid and built-in odor filter, but the trash can also features a lemon-scented fragrance cartridge that keeps stinky food scraps from overwhelming the vicinity. Most importantly, after this new addition, Emily had zero new mouse sightings to report.

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We love the look of this ladder organizer's white-and-bamboo shelving. More than that, we appreciate how little space it takes up while still managing to accommodate plenty of bathroom essentials. Store cotton balls, linens, shower products, and more on its three roomy tiers, and free up the clutter around your sink in the process. Best of all, you don't have to drill any holes into your wall!

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A good hamper doesn't take up too much floor space, but a great hamper (like this hanging one) takes up zero floor space and shrinks completely when empty. The wide opening lets you easily toss in clothes, and because it hangs either over-the-door or adhesive (renter-friendly) hooks, you can pick up the bag and carry it to the wash on laundry day. A double-duty laundry bag/hamper that saves space checks off a lot of boxes for us.

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Another must-have YouCopia find, this tiered cabinet organizer helped Britt corral her chaotic pantry. "It dawned on me to approach organizing my pantry shelves the same way I’d organize practically any other room in my small space: Build up, instead of out," she wrote. "I tackled my canned goods with the YouCopia 3-Shelf Can Organizer. It creates a set of adjustable risers so cans no longer have to be clumsily stacked on top of each other. I was able to put 12 cans in total on the organizer shelves, which was more than enough for me. Instead of shoving cans wherever there’s space, the shelves keep them contained, neat, and displayed so nothing gets lost or forgotten."

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Shark is a favorite for many AT staffers and is constantly scoring new fans with first-time users of the brand. "The Shark Wandvac certainly lives up to the brand’s hype," cleaning and organizing editor Stephanie wrote in her review. "While vacuuming, I would see dust, dirt, and more being pulled toward the device before I physically reached it. I also couldn’t believe how much dog hair it pulled out of the fibers of my carpet with the help of its PowerFins brushroll, which works on carpet and hard flooring (both of which are in my apartment). I knew my dog shed a lot — it’s why I vacuum so often in the first place — but the Wandvac was able to dig deep and grab dirt that my old vacuum totally missed. My living room floor has honestly never looked better, and I moved in two years ago!"

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Customization really is this organizer's superpower. Instead of settling for a rack that has more (or not enough) space to store your pans, lids, and other cookware, choose this adjustable rack that expands (or contracts) to fit your needs. Britt likes how it keeps her kitchen cupboards neat by storing her cookware upright and lets her grab what she wants without digging through a pile of pots and pans. Imagine having a storage solution that grows with your cookware collection — how nice!

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Make the most of your bathroom's under-sink cabinet space with one of these brilliant tiered organizers. Senior commerce editor Alicia loves hers, writing, "I’ve come across my fair share of inside-the-cabinet organizers but this one is more innovative — and requires no tools to build. Instead of an organizer that has two tiers fused together, this organizer allows you to easily slide the tiers in and out." You can also place yours in the kitchen, on top of your desk, or really anywhere that requires extra shelving.

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Former Best-List editor Kendall took a tip from her grandmother and started using this retractable gap tool to help keep her apartment clean, and it couldn't have been a better decision. "I grabbed one for my tiny NYC apartment, which is basically a vortex of city grime (oh, and cat hair) and exceptional at hiding it all thanks to a number of tight spaces," she said in her review. "It’s been a life-changer, truly. From tidying my AC unit without having to remove and replace it completely to clearing those grates that cover the exhaust fans in my bathroom and kitchen, there are no less than 472 uses for this gap cleaner in my home. This gap duster has made my home a safer, healthier, and more pleasant place to be."

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Writer Shifra loves this laundry cart for a few reasons: One, it holds its shape, not sagging under the weight of quite a few clothes. Next, its four compartments are extremely useful because you can sort the clothes without having to take them out of the hamper. Further, it’s affordable — even more so right now, priced over half off.

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This magnetic fridge organizer packs a serious punch, according to our executive lifestyle director Charli. “Straight out of the box, this handy little four-tier organizer did everything it promised, and then some,” she wrote, adding that the magnet really can hold up to 45 pounds. “I managed to fit about 24 small spice jars on it and still make room to fit one of those oversized paper towel rolls from the bulk Costco packs.”