Quick Tips for Cleaning After a Big, Rowdy Party

updated Oct 13, 2022

Erin and Jimmy are the kind of newlywed couple you’d love to hate, but they’re just too adorable. They sincerely enjoy each other’s company, share each other’s interests, and have countless other qualities that the rest of us are looking for on sites like WhyCantIFindMySoulmate.com.

“Jimmy and I share cleaning responsibilities like we share rent, groceries, and a mutual understanding that Sunday is for football.” —Erin, newly married to Jimmy

When they’re not making each other laugh or playing board games (no, really), they’re serious football fans who love watching the game with their friends. During the season, they might have eight to 10 people over to their house every weekend, which is great, except that Erin and Jimmy’s post-game celebration usually involves trying to get chicken wing stains off their furniture. They’re looking for tips to clean up quickly and to get their house back in order before they settle in to watch the late game together.

Nora, the Apartment Therapist, has got them.

(Image credit: Rebecca Blumhagen)

1. Clean cutting boards with lemon and salt

The two of them go all out to entertain their friends, but that sometimes results in a stack of dirty dishes bigger than a defensive lineman — and not everything can go into the dishwasher. But cleaning that overworked wooden cutting board, for example, is as simple as sprinkling it with coarse salt, then rubbing the surface with one half of a lemon. Allow the lemon juice and salt to sit for several minutes, then scrape it off and wipe the surface clean with a damp sponge.

(Image credit: Rebecca Blumhagen)

2. Use newspaper to clean glass

If your friends leave nacho-covered fingerprints on the glass coffee table, you can use newspapers to clean the surface instead of paper towels. Spray the surface with glass cleaner — or a solution of vinegar and water — then wipe it down with a wadded up newspaper. (This is a great way to thank that sports columnist who predicted a two-touchdown loss for your favorite team).

(Image credit: Rebecca Blumhagen)

3. Let dirty pans sit in a baking soda bath

Before the fourth quarter starts, shake a generous amount of Arm & Hammer™ Baking Soda into your dirty pots and pans. Add dish detergent and hot water, then go watch the last 15 minutes of the game. Your pots will be ready to easily rinse clean by the time the clock hits zero, no heavy scrubbing required.

“Cleanup is part of entertaining, but not enough of one to keep you from doing it. There are a lot of passive tasks that do the heavy lifting while you do better things. These make the cleanup a lot more manageable.” —Nora, Apartment Therapist

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