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How to Get a Better Night’s Rest and Improve Your Well-Being

published Jan 5, 2021
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Credit: Christopher Broe

Now that 2021 is here, we’re making little improvements at home that help us stick to healthier habits. Getting the year off to a good start could mean something as simple as reorganizing your spice rack, giving your apartment a deep clean, or treating yourself to a bouquet of fresh flowers each week. Whatever your resolutions, there’s one area of your home you should definitely consider improving right now to set you up for a better year: your sleep space.

This calls for an RIY, or a “refresh it yourself” project. RIYs can have as much impact as full-blown DIYs, with much less time and effort. In our Instagram Stories, we asked what your wellness goals for the New Year are, and many responses were about getting a better night’s rest and focusing on just on wellness, but overall well-being. So we sourced products from Target to come up with an easy, budget-friendly refresh that’s sure to help improve your sleep in the new year.

Get That Perfect-for-You Pillow

It might seem basic, but having a pillow that’s soft and supportive is just as important as having a great mattress. And, keep in mind that the National Sleep Foundation recommends replacing pillows every one to two years, so kicking off every New Year with a new pillow is a great idea. We chose Target’s Medium Down Surround Bed Pillow, which has a medium fill that’s ideal for back and stomach sleepers. It’s filled with premium down with an extra soft cotton outer shell, and pairs perfectly with the all-season, mid-weight Casaluna Comforter.

Soothe Your Senses

The ideal setup doesn’t stop with just bedding. Consider an essential oil diffuser to further optimize your sleep space with a soothing scent like lavender or bergamot. We also chose a woven handmade wall hanging to make the space feel especially cozy and added an adjustable wall sconce that’s ideal for reading bedtime stories before you doze off.

Credit: Christopher Broe

Use Muted Tones for a Serene Setting

Color experts agree that shades of blue and green are the most relaxing to the human eye, so we went with a set of sage green linen sheets and a matching duvet color and pillow sham set. And when it comes to accessories, Target even has a silk eye mask that comes in muted tones that will further set a serene mood (and match your bedding).

Use Quality Fabrics for Quality Sleep

Sheets are one thing, but don’t underestimate the value a cashmere quilt or chunky knit blanket can add to your bed. When layering, look for quality blankets and throws that you’ll be more than happy to snuggle up with on a cold night, or take to the sofa for a cozy movie night. And if they can add some visual texture, all the better!

Add Calming Natural Accents

Finally, find a pretty vase for your nightstand that you can fill with soothing eucalyptus or a nice flower arrangement to welcome you to bed. Sticking to natural materials when it comes to other accessories like storage bins can also make your sleep space feel like more of a calming sanctuary.