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How to Refresh a Home Office So It’ll Inspire You to Get to Work

published Sep 4, 2020
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Credit: Christopher Broe

We’re all about RIYs right now: quick “refresh it yourself” projects that require just a little bit of planning, can be executed in under an hour, and leave you with that same fulfilling got-it-done feeling of a bigger DIY project. In our Instagram Stories, we asked which trouble spots in your homes are in need of a little RIY love. The #1 response? Your home office setup.

We weren’t too surprised: We all use our home office spaces pretty much every day now, but it’s a hard space to get right. Whether you need some help with storage and organization or you never had quite the right setup to begin with, an office RIY can quickly bring some tranquility back to your workday. We sourced items from Target and came up with some strategies for a satisfying RIY that you can accomplish during a quick lunch break.

Start with a Clutter Cleanse

Desks are definitely clutter magnets, but starting with a few new organizational items will serve as visual reminders to put everything in its place. If you don’t have one already, use a tray to create a physical inbox for incoming mail and other to-dos, and set a goal of emptying it daily (or at least once a week).

Keep other papers and documents out of sight (but still within reach) with a hanging file holder that you can move around as needed, while still keeping everything in its place. Small decorative bowls can keep paper clips, rubber bands, and thumbtacks organized (bonus if they’re stackable!), and a wireless smartphone charging station that has extra storage for pens, pencils, and any remaining doodads should be all you need to make your desk clutter-free.

Credit: Christopher Broe

Then, Make It Your Own

Your workspace deserves just as much decorative attention as your other living spaces; make it a place you look forward to sitting down every morning. For starters, a small area rug can warm up hardwood floors while also defining the workspace from the rest of the room.

Next, add a letterboard (with a very important Zoom reminder) and a hanging planter to take advantage of vertical space. Finally, don’t forget about lighting: A task lamp can add a decorative touch and will come in handy as day shifts into night.