Restock Your Bathroom with Minimalist Products — At Minimal Cost

published Nov 29, 2017
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Call it the drugstore tax: When you stock up on anything from toothpaste to shampoo, you’re not just paying for what’s inside — you’re also paying for the packaging, the brand names that are on it, and the store you’re buying it from. The more steps in the chain, the steeper the price.

Public Goods delivers quality bathroom products made of healthy ingredients in just two steps: their factories, then you.

(Image credit: Public Goods)

Healthy products should be affordable for all: Why can’t clean lotions, potions and soaps be free of harmful and subpar ingredients and toxic markups? By selling direct to consumers, Public Goods can offer quality goods at prices that rival even those on Amazon. With annual memberships from $59, many of these premium products cost less than $4.

And we do mean premium.

Public Goods spent more than a year developing their first products, and the brand works with clean-beauty experts and top-notch chemists. Every item is natural and vegan, and free of ugly ingredients like parabens, SLS and triclosan.

(Image credit: Public Goods)

Plus, these products look as good as they work: From lip balm to toothbrush, the cool minimalist packaging and clean designs look chic on the bathroom shelf. It’s a huge upgrade from all the bright, loud packaging designed to be grabby on a drugstore shelf…and hideous in a bathroom. Trading that in for a sharp, stylish black-and-white might be the simplest but most impactful way to give your bathroom the boutique-hotel treatment.

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