See How This Interior Designer DIYed a Hotel Back to Life

published Nov 1, 2018
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(Image credit: Rikki Synder)

When Megan Pflug wanted to decamp from New York to the Hudson Valley and live on a property that doubled as a business, running a hotel wasn’t exactly what she had in mind. But Megan, an interior designer, has a great eye for potential, and when she found an upstate New York property that had it, she knew it was a match.

The 1962 A-frame lodge needed some love to greet the 21st century in style, but that wasn’t Megan’s biggest obstacle. If anything, the opportunity to transform a property into something of her own vision was a huge plus. Rather, the tiny hurdle Megan had to deal with was that the former hotel wasn’t technically for sale.

Luckily, Megan was working with a Realtor®, a member of the National Association of REALTORS®. The Realtor® was a local with great relationships in the area and great instincts: She sensed both that the seller would be open to if Megan made an offer, and that Megan could turn the property into something magical. Right on both counts.

A little over a year later, and Megan’s transformation is complete. Below, she shows us five of her favorite DIYs that made Woodhouse Lodge the beautiful home and business it is today.

(Image credit: Rikki Synder)

Soapstone Countertops

“The old kitchen layout was low on prep space, so I reconfigured the existing cabinetry and added soapstone countertops. Because soapstone is so soft, I was able to cut it on site with a wet saw.”

(Image credit: Rikki Synder)

Shaker Rails

Megan used 1′ x 3′ boards and one-inch dowel rods to create these rails; in some rooms, they support shelves, and in others they hold hanging rope shelves. “These accomplished a couple of things: They are a simple, economical way to add architectural details, and they are a versatile storage solution. They do a great job of jazzing up the drywall walls.”

(Image credit: Rikki Synder)

Custom Headboards

“Brooklyn-based Moses Nadel makes the lodge’s felt-and-leather headboards, but you could easily adapt my DIY shaker peg to hang textiles to use as a headboard.”

(Image credit: Rikki Synder)

Record Shelves

“Record storage is hard to find, and we needed a lot of it. I took some wooden crates that we had and stacked wood planks (found on Facebook!) between them to make the shelves. The simplest DIY I’ve ever done!”

(Image credit: Rikki Synder)

Repainted Exterior

“The exterior was painted a reddish brown that did not do the building any favors. We modernized it with a blue-black by Farrow & Ball and had the color matched in a solid stain. We applied most of the paint with a roller and brush, learning too late that a sprayer (even a little electric one) uses less paint and goes about 10 times faster.”

Working with a Realtor®, Megan got the perfect home she didn’t even know she was looking for. Now that it’s imbued with her midcentury-meets-modern style, we can’t wait to book a stay.

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