Shades of Change: 3 Color Palettes for Growing Your Home

published Jul 18, 2016
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Preparing your home for children is one of the most exciting, stressful, scary, amazing and joyful times in life. That’s a lot of emotions to pack into that small spare room you’re converting into a nursery or playroom, and they’re all perfectly normal. Just don’t forget to have fun. We came up with three Glidden® playroom palettes that play off these emotions. They’re bright, beautiful and (most importantly) kid-proof.

When you’re planning a child’s room, it’s especially important to use paint that’s washable, scrubbable and holds up to life’s messes. With that in mind, we used Glidden Diamond™ paint for its durability. Because let’s face it: Your future includes walls covered in grape juice and crayon marks, and preparing for it now means easier cleanup later.

It’s a great value.
It’s a high-performing paint with a lifetime guarantee — but starts at just $23.98 a gallon.

It’s durable.
Its scrubbable, stain-resistant formula made of 100% acrylic is ideal for high-traffic, high-moisture rooms.
It’s a paint & primer in one.
Fewer coats = more time for family fun.

Each playroom palette is colorful and playful, but flexible enough to adapt to your child’s personality as they grow up. Take a look at the three, then vote on your favorite below. At the bottom, you’ll see which look Maxwell chose, too!

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Little Explorer

Background: Blue Cloud 29 BB 75/065
Accent: Orange Tiger Lily 28YR 29/561
Best For: Balanced rest and play

By pairing calming Blue Cloud with energetic Orange Tiger Lily, this palette creates a balanced environment for rest and play. A light gray shade with a blue undertone sets a neutral foundation that looks great with natural wood and white furniture. Orange adds a little lift of happiness and allows you to play with animal accents, from foxes to lions, tigers and bears. Oh, my…cute overload!

(Image credit: Christine Han)

Start Fresh

Background: Iced Purple 03RB 63/122
Accent: Sublime Lime 90GY 83/114
Best For: Sophisticated softness

An alternative to pink, Iced Purple walls feel sophisticated but still soft. Because it’s on the warm side, it pairs well with woods and natural materials. For a fun retro accent, use pale green trim like Sublime Lime. It’s unexpected but still feels familiar, like a favorite print from a childhood blanket. This is a look that will grow with your child, even after the toddler toys are packed away.

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Outside the Lines

Background: Citrus Punch 13YY 60/475
Accent: Bermuda Bay 90GG 51/211
Best For: Fresh, fun style

Part of what makes decorating a child’s room so much fun is the chance to be a little brighter and bolder. This cute color combination pairs walls in Citrus Punch, a warm earthy orange, with crisp Bermuda Bay blue trim. It’s a fresh palette designed to inspire creativity and play through high-contrast colors, which very young children respond to. Plus, it looks great with durable materials like solid wood, a natural woven rug and easy-to-clean kids’ furniture.

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Maxwell’s Pick:

Start Fresh

“Iced Purple is a color to grow up with. The color is bright and welcoming for a newborn. Switch in black-and-white or even bohemian accessories to freshen the room for a toddler room. Glidden Diamond holds up to repeated scrubbing – as a dad I can tell you that’s important.”

–Maxwell Ryan, founder of Apartment Therapy

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