Simple Solutions: How to Use Color Blocking to Display Album Art

published Jul 26, 2016
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The good old accent wall is one of the simplest ways to make an impact in a room. An extension of that strategy is color blocking, which offers infinite possibilities for customization. Go chic in black-and-white blocking, try an understated monochromatic theme, or heck, go all the way with a full rainbow!

In the DIY project below, we used Dutch Boy paints to show how to level up the color block wall with a highly personalized look. Still a simple project, this idea dramatically displays your favorite album cover art. Anyone can pull it off — including studio-dwelling, DIY novices. Just adjust the size and number of blocks based off your preferences and square footage. For smaller spaces, try this project with your favorite Polaroids or postcards instead.

Dutch Boy Platinum® paint and primer is great for interior projects like this one. Its no-prep, no-prime formula make it easier to paint over dark colors with just one coat. And the color possibilities are vast!

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Ready to Go Dutch?

You’ll need:

Selection of your favorite album covers


Dutch Boy Platinum Paint (your choice of 6–9 colors)

Woven roller covers and roller frame



Paint project supplies (paint tray and liners; painter’s tape; tape measure; pencil; level; drop cloth; clean, damp cloth)


  1. Wipe wall with clean, damp cloth. Cover floor with drop cloth.
  2. Place album covers in frames. Select paint colors using the album covers as inspiration.
  3. Determine size of color square by measuring frame, adding 4 inches to both height and width.
  4. Determine the top left point of the gallery. Using the level and pencil, lightly draw on the top and left lines. Affix edge of the painter’s tape to the outside of the lines.
  5. Using your height calculation from step 3, start at the bottom edge of horizontal taped line, measure downward, and lightly mark with pencil. Again, use the level and pencil to draw a horizontal line. Affix edge of painter’s tape just below that line.
  6. Repeat step 5 for number of rows desired.
  7. Using your width calculation from step 3, start at the right edge of the vertical taped line, measure to the right, and lightly mark with pencil. Use the level and pencil to draw a vertical line. Affix edge of painter’s tape to the right of that line.
  8. Repeat step 7 for the number of columns desired.
  9. Use the woven roller, paint the squares in the desired colors.
  10. Remove painter’s tape. Allow paint to dry, following suggested drying times on can label.
  11. Hang framed albums on the wall on corresponding color block.

Dutch Boy paints make transforming spaces simple, even for the DIY-shy. Head over to Dutch Boy for more easy yet totally impactful paint projects. Let us know in the comments what album covers you’d use to decorate your space!


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