Our Secret to Soaking Up the Sun Inside (While Still Staying Cool)

published May 26, 2016
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(Image credit: Eastman Chemical)

Oh, summer sunshine. You make us smile, you make us crave iced coffee … you make us sweat like pro athletes. It’s even true at home: Throwing back the curtains on a beautiful day makes for a lovely sun-drenched setting, but it can also seriously scorch your space (and your AC bill). Eventually, those cheerful rays might even fade the rugs and furniture in their path.

Since slathering sunscreen on your carpet won’t work (we don’t think), try the next best thing to keep your space cool and colorful at high noon: Gila Heat Control Window Film®.

(Image credit: Eastern Chemical)

Gila Heat Control Window Film lets the sunshine in but keeps the heat and damaging rays at bay, cooling down hot spots, cutting reflective glare and protecting furniture — all without blocking that natural light we love. (Don’t worry about your views: It comes in barely-there light gray, platinum and titanium tints.) With a range of glare- and heat-blocking strengths, you might even be set for that gotta-wear-shades south-facing window.

Use adhesive film for long-wearing projects or static cling for more flexibility — either way, installation is easy. Watch the process here: