Sugru: The Most Handy DIY Tool You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

published Jan 9, 2015
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(Image credit: Sugru)

The miraculous moldable glue known as Sugru is perfect for everything from repairing busted iPhone cables to improving kitchen appliances, and even making the most of any small space by attaching hooks to almost any surface. Previously only available online, you can now get Sugru at Lowe’s nationwide (at the paint counter) – just in time to plan your first project of the year! These 5 simple and ingenious Sugru DIY projects will definitely stick with you in 2015.

1) Radiator Hooks for Drying Shoes

(Image credit: Sugru)

Since it’s heat-resistant, Sugru can go where other adhesives can’t— like radiators. Adhering hooks to your radiator gives you an instant rack for drying snow or rain-soaked shoes. You can watch this handy (literally—there is a talking hand involved) how-to video to see how it’s done.

2) Pretty Twig Hooks. Just Because.

(Image credit: Sugru)

These pretty hooks can be made in a matter of minutes. Use Sugru to attach twigs (this trick also works with flat riverbed stones) to the wall to create an entryway coat hanger or make extra hooks in the kitchen for pots. Sugru comes in 10 colors, which can either be used as-is or blended to create a custom tone.

3) The Cutest Cable Management System Ever

(Image credit: Sugru)

One of the most important discoveries of 2014 was that LEGO people have hands that are perfectly sized to hold iPhone cables. Use some Sugru to affix your favorite LEGO dude or dudette to a surface near your charging station and you’re good to go. Because Sugru can easily be removed, a temporary cable guy can provide just the helping hand you need for a flexible work space.

4) Declutter with Sugru + Magnets

(Image credit: Sugru)

Attach a magnet to the underside of your shelf to create magnetized “hooks” for all your keys. It’s a simple idea that makes life that much easier and there’s even a Sugru magnet kit dedicated to the cause.

5) Attach Hooks Without Drilling

(Image credit: Sugru)

Add rails, hooks and handles where you want them in the bathroom or shower without drilling. Sugru bonds brilliantly to ceramic tiles or glass, and since it’s waterproof it’s ideal for organizing your bathroom and shower.

Pick up a 3 pack for $11.99 at any Lowe’s nationwide and head to for more ideas on how to use Sugru for your next project!