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Bring Your Summer Vibe Home All Season Long

published Jun 17, 2019

Even when you’re in the throes of adulting and school-free summer vacations are long behind you, there’s something so amazing about this time of year. The feeling of freedom never leaves you, whether you’re the type who can’t wait for some chilling-out time in an air-conditioned living room or you’re inviting the whole crew over for a backyard BBQ. The first step toward living your perfect summer is knowing who you are and what makes you happiest—and the first stop is Target, where fun is always easy to find.

The Summer Staycationer

If your favorite escape is your own living room, give yourself an instant getaway with Target’s top picks for R&R. On Summer Fridays, you make a beeline for your personal sanctuary, crank up the fan, and put your feet up for a DIY pedi—you know that self-care is the best antidote to overstuffed inboxes and overbooked calendars. Outfit your chill zone with a wireless speaker to stream your favorite music, some scented candles, a face mask, a jade roller, and your tarot deck. It’s time to tune into yourself for a change.

The Summer Adventurer

Always on the lookout for vacation inspiration? Target’s adventure-ready packing list is the solution to your last-minute weekend wanderlust. Whether you’re road-tripping, beach-hopping or jet-setting, you’ll want to wear and carry stylishly. Stock your carry-on with a few new outfits that pack easily and go from café to club. Sandals and sunglasses take up minimal space, so you’ll still have room for a sun hat. And don’t forget the essentials—pack your shoulder bag with a water bottle, headphones, snacks, sunscreen, and a camera to capture all the memories you’re about to make.

The Summer Entertainer

Life’s a party, and you’re in charge of the guest list. There’s nothing you love more than getting a group together, and Target’s summer entertaining essentials can keep the fun going from backyard BBQ to card games by candlelight. Start with a table and seats for all your friends, and set up a help-yourself spread with plates, napkins, flatware, and bowls for passing around mains and sides. It’s also a good idea to bring out a basket of sunscreen, bug spray, and water bottles to keep everyone healthy and hydrated. Get ready for a season of happy hours together.