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The 3 Things to Consider When You’re Buying Your Forever Sofa

published Feb 4, 2020
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Credit: Terraza Balear - Interior Design & Furniture

Whether it’s after buying your first home or settling into a new apartment, there comes a time when all of us start getting real about investing in “forever” furniture. You know the pieces — a bed that can survive more than one move, or a designer accent chair you’ve loved for years and know will be a keeper.

If you’re ready to invest in a forever piece, consider starting with a sofa. It’s the most prominent piece of furniture in the most public part of your home, making it the single biggest style statement out of all your furniture. It also gets a lot of use, so quality is key — especially if it’s going to last forever. When shopping for your forever sofa, it’s important to choose one that prioritizes not only luxury but comfort, too.

Italian furniture brand FLEXFORM takes everything about forever furniture to heart. They’ll change the way you see and use your sofa — and the way you think about luxury furniture in general. From timeless design to durable materials, every piece in their collection features all the essential elements of an ideal investment piece. So what exactly are those elements, you ask?


The Luxury of Quality Craftsmanship

The first element that defines a forever sofa is a purely practical one: quality. A forever sofa needs to live up to its name and last, well, forever. Investing in a sofa from an established brand that concentrates on quality above all else is the way to go. When you think of Italian design, you probably picture a certain dignified, polished lifestyle. FLEXFORM furniture, which is made by specialized craftsmen with a “Made in Italy” approach, fits the bill. Take time to do your research and make sure your investment is a worthwhile one.

When finding a forever sofa, it’s also important to remember that quality doesn’t have to mean luxury. If you’ve ever inherited a family heirloom, such as a farmhouse kitchen table, you’ve probably realized this firsthand. While it may not be a luxury piece, the very fact that it’s withstood the test of time makes it a special one. When choosing a forever sofa, don’t feel pressured to splurge on a bold design or extravagant fabrics. Prioritize quality craftsmanship and elegance over luxury, choosing something simple over anything ostentatious. Your future self will thank you.

Credit: Terraza Balear - Interior Design & Furniture

Timeless Design That Never Goes Out of Style

Another element to consider is that our personal styles undoubtedly change over time, and maybe even every few months. So a forever sofa needs to be able to adapt. Companies like FLEXFORM solve this challenge for you with designs that are truly timeless. Though they have enough style to stand out on their own, they’re designed to work with any living room mood. If you suddenly make a personal style transformation from boho chic to stark minimalism, your sofa can come along for the ride.


Tactile and Visual Comfort

If a sofa makes a statement but isn’t comfortable, can it really be considered luxurious? We think not. Quality craftsmanship and timeless design are key, but the ultimate indicator of luxury is comfort. FLEXFORM sofas are the cozy, enveloping ones you want to sink into on a lazy weekend morning or lie back on at the end of a long day. When you combine that familiar feeling of comfort with quality craftsmanship and timeless design, you get a sofa that embodies the true meaning of luxury and will last you, well, forever.