The Comfortable, Flexible Look of the Farmhouse Style

published Aug 31, 2016
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Is there anyone more qualified to find the balance of contemporary style and old-time charm than Joanna Gaines? In designing her exclusive line of furniture and accessories, Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines, she used her unique eye for bringing vintage comforts into today’s homes.

Classic, elegant and comfortable, the Farmhouse style of decorating is all about keeping things simple and organic. And pretty much any home can embrace the Farmhouse vibe regardless of the landscape that surrounds it. One of the convenient aspects of the Farmhouse style is its flexibility: You can use your own personal decor along with vintage furniture to bring in a touch of your own personality.

The Farmhouse Scallop Bed (Image credit: Sponsored Post)

The Farmhouse Scallop Bed‘s paneled head- and footboards with scalloped trim give the feeling of a rustic, well-lived-in home. Piled high with quilts and comforters, this bed would make a cozy hideaway on a cold night, but its light color and open, airy quality keep it a solid choice in the warmer months.

The Farmhouse Archive Buffet Bench (back) with Farmhouse Round Table (front) (Image credit: Sponsored Post)

Mimicking the practical charm of a utility cabinet in an old general store, the Farmhouse Archive Buffet Bench is a handsome piece of furniture with practical organizational value. Its toffee-colored stain illustrates a key facet of the Farmhouse style: mixing different shades of wood to make your space warm and welcoming. Don’t worry about matching everything precisely — pair this piece with the white bed above, or with other darker and lighter items in your home, to create an easygoing, eclectic vibe.

The Farmhouse Keeping Table (Image credit: Sponsored Post)

And finally, the Farmhouse Keeping Table brings up the comfy memories of the good old days — when people were less plugged in but more connected and when we just gathered around the dinner table to talk.

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