The Gallery Wall Game-Changer That’s Art and Entertainment

published Oct 2, 2017
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(Image credit: Samsung)

An essential element of so many homes, the gallery wall is a beautiful way to collect and display those things that are important to us, but it has its limitations. Once you’ve lived with a gallery wall for a while, it can start to feel staid or static, and changing out the art becomes a thing once you’ve gotten the gallery just so. Also, many a gallery wall feels off because it’s not built around one anchor piece. This new innovation solves all those problems and more.

Oh, and did we mention it’s a TV, too?

(Image credit: Samsung)

Designed by Yves Béhar, The Frame by Samsung is an ingenious new concept that doubles as both art and television. Béhar wanted this TV to be useful at all times — even when it’s off. It remedies quite a few issues, for art lovers and TV lovers alike: Enjoy 4K UHD quality TV when your TV is on and turn it into a design focal point when it’s off — which is to say, in Art Mode.

1. Need a change? Switch out the art as often as you want.
When The Frame is in Art Mode, you can showcase your favourite pieces of art and photography. Its built-in room ambient sensor adjusts The Frame to its surroundings based your room’s light and colours, so images appear like a pieces of art rather than a screen. The Frame comes with the Samsung Collection, featuring 100 pieces of curated art. You can also purchase hundreds of other images from the Art Store.

(Image credit: Samsung)

2. Want a cohesive collection? Match your art to your decor.
Everybody wants to be a star, but gallery walls are ensemble acts. The Frame is easily customizable based on your personal style. Choose from modern art or colourful landscapes — whatever complements your surrounding decor. Plus, you can choose from Walnut, Oak, or White finishes for the border frame.

3. Installation-phobic? Hang it like a picture, and adjust as needed.
The No Gap Wall-Mount allows you to hang The Frame just like a picture, and it’s easily adjustable after it’s installed. It also comes with the Invisible Connection cable for a wireless look. No cord clusters!

(Image credit: Samsung)

4. Movie lover? Watch TV in cinematic 4K UHD resolution.
4K UHD is 4 times the resolution of full HD. It enhances contrast between the dark darks and light lights, giving you a more vibrant viewing experience. With The Frame’s Active Crystal Color, colours come out more vibrant, giving you an incredible home-viewing experience.

5. Too many remotes? Use one source to access everything.
You can access all connected TV devices from a single source: either your smartphone or the One Remote Control that comes with The Frame. No need to find a new storage solution for your pile of remotes; just ditch them.

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