This Might Be the Chicest Home Organization System Ever

published Oct 22, 2018
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(Image credit: The Laundress)

Things no one has ever said about their closet: “Look how clean it is!” “It’s just like shopping in a boutique!” “I’m so organized.”

Until now.

Leave it to The Laundress, who somehow made laundry day an Instagram opportunity, to unveil a new home storage and organization collection that’s both a small-space lifesaver and the stuff of chic dreams.

(Image credit: The Laundress)

Gwen Whiting and Lindsey Boyd started The Laundress to cut down on pricey dry-cleaning bills and create eco-friendly detergents worthy of their wardrobe investments. Today, their laundry and fabric care collection offers the ultimate start-to-finish laundry day experience. But taking care of your precious, best pieces doesn’t end in the laundry room—proper storage is also key.

(Image credit: The Laundress)

The Laundress’s new storage and organization items are like wardrobe armor: Made of sturdy cotton, the storage bags and stackable boxes help make your favorite things impervious to moths and other critters, as well as to dust and discoloration. The hanging organizers are slim solutions for all those hanger-less items (socks, sweaters, scarves) that can make a closet seem chaotic. And who knew you could get excited about hampers? Collapsible, handled, and divided for easy sorting, these hampers are about to make laundry day—let’s just say it—fun.

(Image credit: The Laundress)

Made in a classic black-and-white color palette, these organizers are an elegant addition to any space. Whether you have a teensy studio apartment or the walk-in closet Pinterest dreams are made of, The Laundress can help you turn your wardrobe, drawers, shelves, and under-bed areas into serene, space-saving sanctuaries—and stylish ones at that.

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