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The One Thing You’re Likely Overlooking in Your Quest for a Healthy Home

published Nov 1, 2019
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Credit: Emma Fiala

Air purifier? Check. Natural cleaning products? Check. Wellness-inducing lighting? Hmm, that may be one area of your home you hadn’t considered giving the healthy treatment yet. The truth is, human beings need light to thrive, but the EPA now estimates we spend up to 90% of our time indoors — and most of it is under light that isn’t aligned with our biology. Most people aren’t aware that their eyes do more than see, but it’s true: Receptors located inside our retinas ingest sunlight, playing a key role in everything from sleep-wake cycles to hormone regulation.

Brilli, a new brand of wellness-focused circadian lighting, can help you maximize your home’s light to help encourage your natural biological schedule, moods, and rhythms. And the best news? It’s surprisingly affordable.

Charge Up with Blue Light

Blue light gets a bad rap sometimes. But certain wavelengths of blue light can actually be beneficial for boosting your mood, energizing you, and helping you stay focused and alert during the day. In the morning, sunlight is cool and crisp, which naturally triggers a cortisol release to help wake us up for a productive day. Artificial blue light, when tuned correctly, can mimic natural daylight in that regard.

Brilli has tuned their Charge Up LED bulbs and all Get in Sync downlights to the same wavelengths found in daytime sunlight to give you a natural boost without actually appearing blue. Their patent-pending WellBright Spectrum was developed with leading engineers, lighting scientists, neuroscientists, and circadian experts to simulate the brightness and crisp clarity of natural daylight.

Wind Down with Warm Light

Just as cool morning light stimulates cortisol release and stimulates the brain, warm late afternoon light promotes melatonin production to help us relax, unwind, and prepare for sleep. (Ever experience a 4 p.m. slump? It’s natural!)

When tuned correctly, LED lights can also mimic natural evening light in this way, casting a warm glow that will help you wind down at night without disruptive, stimulating blue light. Brilli has tuned their Wind Down LED bulbs and all Get in Sync fixtures to mimic sundown light. The bulbs are designed to be used with your existing fixtures in areas where you go to relax. Investing in a few bulbs to replace the ones in your living room, reading nook, or bedside lamps can go a long way in helping you get a good night’s sleep.

Get Your Natural Rhythms in Sync

The biggest challenge with setting up circadian lighting around the home is that in some spaces, like your kitchen, you’ll want both daytime and nighttime lighting. The solution? A simple dimmer switch that you may already have in place. With the exclusive technology found in Brilli’s circadian downlights, you can turn up the light for a daytime boost, move to the middle for warmer afternoon light, or move to the lowest setting for warm amber sundown light. And the best part is, you don’t need any special equipment.

Boost Your Mornings

Brilli has also taken mood lighting one step further with their one-touch LED vanity mirror—the only vanity mirror on the market tuned for beauty and wellness. High lux and fidelity mean your makeup looks spot on. But it’s also designed to instantly boost your mood and energy with wavelengths of light that trigger a positive response in the brain. And it costs less than $300, so you’re guaranteed a feel-good mirror-gazing experience.

The Easiest Switch to Make

Unlike other current wellness-focused lighting systems on the market — which start at around $1,000 — all of Brilli’s products are designed to be budget-friendly. Every bulb in the collection is compatible with your existing hardware, downlights can replace what you currently have, and nothing costs over $300. Better yet, these bulbs last just as long as typical LEDs. For a few dollars a day, it’s an easy investment for a better well-being.