The Perfect Rug for Every Zodiac Sign (And the Accessory You Need for It)

published Dec 20, 2017
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The right rug can make all the difference in a room—but which rug is the right one? High-pile, low-pile, kilim, shag: The options are endless, and that’s not always a good thing. If you’re not sure which look says “you” most, trust the stars to shed a little astrological light on the situation.

Just remember that your rug and floor will show signs of age quickly if you don’t use a rug pad. You probably know a good pad prevents slipping and adds cushion, but it also works to prevent the scratches on the floor and wearing of the rug threads that come over time. RugPadUSA will custom-cut a perfectly sized pad to your rug and back it with a 20-year warranty. And they’re offering our readers 20% off with the code apttherapy!

So, let’s find you your “you” rug, and get it set up properly…


Trailblazing and independent, Aries enjoy leading others and bringing excitement into their lives. An attention-getting Turkish kilim (above)—with its bold, energetic patterns and colors—suits such a style pioneer.

(Image credit: Minette Hand)


Patient and reliable, Taurus is the sign of the builder. What better base to build a room from than a steady and solid jute rug in an earthy natural tone?

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Tired of adjusting your entryway rug? RugPadUSA’s non-slip rug pads are built to stand up to heavy traffic. The Superior Lock adds a lush cushion and a grooved rubber back to prevent movement. The low-profile RugPro has a coarse felt upper layer that prevents shifting and bunching.

(Image credit: Emily Henderson)


Versatile on a good day and indecisive on a bad, Geminis swoon over a room spiced up with multiple rugs in colorful patterns and styles. (Here’s how to do it skillfully.)

(Image credit: The Glitter Guide)


Crabs are fans of all things nurturing and cozy: Layered rugs create a comfy, lived-in texture that speaks to this natural nester. (These rooms show you how to nail this look.)

RugPro Rug Pad (Image credit: RugPadUSA)

If your rug is going in a high-traffic area where padding isn’t important but grip is—a hallway runner, say—you want a low-profile, high-performance rug pad. RugPro provides exactly that, with a coarse felt upper layer to grip the rug and a natural rubber backing to keep it anchored to the floor. This is also the best choice for a sisal rug on a hardwood floor.

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With a regal air and a flair for drama, Lions are perfect candidates for a shaggy set-up in a fiery hue.

Cloud Comfort Rug Pad (Image credit: RugPadUSA)

Up a plush rug’s comfy feel—and protect your floors—with a RugPadUSA cushioned rug pad. Engineered to stay plush year after year, they won’t flatten out over time. The Cloud Comfort has the same memory foam appeal of your favorite mattress, plus it’s soundproof.

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Those under the sign of Virgo are always thinking and analyzing—a meditative pattern in the Moroccan Beni Ourain style can calm their busy minds.

(Image credit: Serena & Lily)


Balanced and harmonious, this diplomat can get along most anywhere—just like a bold geo-patterned runner, which has enough oomph to ground any space.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)


Scorpions are a seductive sign: intense, complex and loyal. Channel that depth with a classic Oriental rug in a rich color palate, and you’ll have a rug for life.

SpillTech Rug Pad with ScotchGuard (Image credit: RugPadUSA)

Toddlers, pets, dinner parties: Spills happen. We can’t help you get out that red wine stain, but we can keep it from hitting your floor. RugPadUSA’s collection of waterproof rug pads have moisture barriers that keep spills from seeping. The SpillTech—made in conjunction with ScotchGuard and 3M—protects with Scotchgard’s Advanced Repel Technology.

(Image credit: Sherrie and Oliver)


Archers are inspiring and enthusiastic, but they can be a little reckless and are certainly active. A large rug that takes up the size of the room will let them live with abandon—as they would anyway—but with a little more safety and little less slipping.

(Image credit: Made in a Day)


The ambitious, success-driven Capricorn is always looking upward. If they want something beautiful to look at, a hung tapestry might serve them better than a traditional floor rug.

(Image credit: Arlyn Hernandez)


Leave it to an innovative and completely original Aquarius to go for a rug in an unexpected shape.

Carpet Lock Rug Pad (Image credit: RugPadUSA)

All rug pads are not created equal: If you’re laying a rug over carpeting, get a specialized pad like RugPadUSA’s Carpet Lock, which is uniquely textured to fasten itself to carpet fibers.

(Image credit: Mackenzie Schieck)


Pisces tend to be sensitive and reserved…but a little out there. Tactile cowhide rugs have just the right touch of whimsy while still being familiar and grounded.

(Image credit: RugPadUSA)

Something all the signs have in common is that they need to take care of their rugs—and floors—regardless of how they look. Step one for doing that is choosing the right rug pad. RugPadUSA makes high-quality pads right here in the USA under the highest standards.

Low-quality pads are often crammed with chemicals and synthetic materials, which can crumble and stain floor finishes. RugPadUSA sources sustainable, natural materials like rubber and felt to create a low-VOC, nontoxic product that’s safe for your floors. Each pad is custom cut (no more trimming on your hands and knees) and backed by a 20-year warranty.

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